If you are the strongest guy in the gym, LEAVE

Jeff Miller           We all have seen that guy.  We know who he is.  The atmosphere in the building changes when he walks into the gym.  Some people talk smack under their breath about him.  Others make eye contact and shoot him an approving head nod.  According to some national gym franchises, women and children […]


  by Steve Decker All In Personal Training   The following is a guide to navigating the day of a powerlifting meet. These are based on my own experiences competing for the last six years.  This is what currently works best for me. Bear in mind this is my own process and it is always […]


Accessory Day for Me Military Press 225 x 5 x 6 sets Lateral Raise 30 x 10 x 3 sets Dips 3 x 20 Pull Ups 3 x 8 200 Pushups/5 x 40 Row 2k: 7:37

Day 1

For the sake of those reading this I believe we will call today “Day 1”. Honestly, being 20 years in, calling my training Day 1 seems odd. However it’s a public notice of my goals, and how I intend to shape my training moving forward. Most people looking from afar would assume that my lifting […]