Jimmy Kolb Road to 900

Written byWade ButcherButch’s Barbell / Team Darksyde IronwearAPF Ohio State Co/chair 1st 600 Bench – June ’09, NASA National, single ply teen 220 700 Bench – Oct ’09, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220 740 Bench- Feb ’10, APF Ohio Cup, multi-ply teen 220 800 Bench – Oct ’10, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220 […]

What this sport means to me!

Article by Wade Butcher Some of you know me and some of you may not anyway my name is Wade Butcher. I am the Owner of Butch’s Barbell team located in Columbus Ohio. I am also a proud member of Jon Elick’s Team Darksyde Ironwear located in Circleville Ohio at Ironworx gym. I have been […]

The KATANA Curve by Wade Butcher

My first experience with the super KATANA was wearing a bone stock size 52. In the past having been a denim lifter this was actually quite the change. Some things I noticed immediately and some things it took a while to learn. Immediately upon receipt of the new shirt I was skeptical that it would […]

Road to a Grand, by Adrian Larsen

I started lifting at a young age. But what really got the fire going was in 7th grade. I had to have a surgery on my right leg. I was born with problems with my ankles and hips. At first doctors said I would never walk. Of course once I started to walk then I […]

Jimmy (King) Kolb Breaks 900lb Barrier

Saturday March 25th Jimmy Kolb pressed 903lbs and as of now is the strongest lb for lb drug free single ply bench presser on the planet.  Jimmy’s road to this lift was long and hard with many obstacle’s to over come. But as with most things this man does he walked in fearless, oblivious to […]