Ward Ammonia/Smelling Salts

Ward Ammonia/Smelling Salts

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Insanely strong!


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Smelling salts work by causing a sudden release of adrenaline that allows you to push your athletic performance.

Ever wonder what your favorite strength athlete is holding in front of their nose before a big lift? That’s smelling salts!

  • Smelling salts (aka ‘ammonia inhalants’) are used by athletes for a sudden adrenaline rush that allows them to perform like never before.
  • Ward Smelling Salts are shipped “unactivated” so they do not lose any potency during shipping or by sitting on the shelf.
    • Activate your bottle by adding one teaspoon (5ml) of water.
    • Then enjoy high performance smelling salts that lasts weeks to months!
  • Smelling salts are most predominant in powerlifting, Strongman, Olympic lifting, hockey and functional fitness.  They’re widely popular in any sport that requires short and powerful bursts of energy!

Check out these three options:

‘Insanity’ smelling salts bottle

  • A next-level ammonia inhalant for athletes who want to unleash their inner insanity and take their performance to the highest level.
  • Activate your bottle by adding one teaspoon (5ml) of water.  Our convenient formula only requires you to add water one time. We’re not exaggerating when we say our smelling salts are insanely strong, be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

‘Asylum’ Stainless Steel smelling salts bottle – REFILLABLE

  • The first and only of its kind on the market.
  • One refill pack and scoop included with each bottle.
  • Stronger Than Ampules – Our insanely powerful Ward formula hits even harder from this 120cc/4oz bottle.
  • Save Money – Buy cost-effective refill packs instead of buying a new bottle every time!
  • Increased Durability – This stainless steel bottle will handle being tossed around in your gym bag and won’t crack/leak/break like a plastic bottle!
  • Environmentally Friendly – One of these bottles can prevent dozens of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or the ocean.
  • LIFETIME SEAL WARRANTY – If your bottle ever loses its ability to keep a seal, we’ll replace it!

‘Asylum’ Refill Pack

  • For use with Asylum Stainless Steel refillable bottles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Insanely Powerful – Same Ward formula, in a convenient refill packet.
  • Save Money – Refill your lifetime bottle with cost-effective refill packs instead of buying a new bottle every time.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Less plastic waste to end up in landfills or oceans (please recycle your refill packet after using).

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Ward Salts

Asylum Refill Pack, Asylum Stainless bottle, Insanity bottle


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