Resistance Bands: How You Can Add Variety To Your Powerlifting Workouts

Resistance bands may not be the first workout accessory you think of when it comes to powerlifting. But resistance bands are an essential tool for many powerlifters, especially those who want to test their strength or make workouts more interesting. Resistance bands provide an ascending resistant throughout your range of motion. This helps to provide […]

How Does Ammonia Work For Powerlifting?

Smelling Salts for Powerlifting

There is a common practice among powerlifters and other athletes to sniff ammonia before a strong lift or during a competition. However, I will explain why so many powerlifters still frequently engage in the practice, what ammonia truly does to your body, and if it is safe to use. The evidence on the usefulness of […]

Raw Vs Equipped Powerlifting: Which is More Effective?

Raw Or Equipped Powerlifting

Raw vs equipped powerlifting is a long-standing debate within the strength training community. Some lifters prefer the simplicity of raw lifting, while others find that the added support of equipment can help them to lift heavier weights and achieve their goals more quickly. So, which approach is more effective? What is the Difference Between Raw […]

Knee Wraps Vs Sleeves: Key Pros & Cons

Knee Sleeves Or Knee Wraps

What are knee wraps? Knee wraps are compression-style garments used to stabilize and support the knee joints. Knee wraps also aid in reducing the strain and tension put on the quadriceps and knees. What are knee sleeves? Knee sleeves can also be worn after an exercise because they speed up recovery by minimizing pain and […]

Top 7 Benefits Of Wrist Wraps For Lifting

What Do Wrist Wraps Do

Lifters who are serious about their sport love their gear. This is because having the right equipment will improve performance, reduce fatigue, and keep you from getting an injury. So, how about using wrist wraps? Do they need to be in a weightlifter’s gym bag? A powerlifter, weightlifter, Crossfitter, or bodybuilder will always say “yes” […]

A Guide To Squat Suits For Powerlifting

Powerlifting Squat Suit

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about squatting in a squat suit, bridging the gap between your raw squats, and trying one out. So, what is a squat suit? Powerlifters can benefit from wearing a squat suit because it supports their hips and increases its level of assistance as the […]

Lever Belt Vs Prong Belt: Which Is Best For You

Lever Vs. Prong Belt

Powerlifting is a fast-growing sport with a bright future. Powerlifting, like a great many others, needs a specialized equipment in order to be adequately practiced. The best powerlifting belt is an example of an item of powerlifting gear that leaves room for personal preference. The lever belt and the prong belt, in particular, are two […]

Jimmy Kolb Road to 900

Written byWade ButcherButch’s Barbell / Team Darksyde IronwearAPF Ohio State Co/chair 1st 600 Bench – June ’09, NASA National, single ply teen 220 700 Bench – Oct ’09, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220 740 Bench- Feb ’10, APF Ohio Cup, multi-ply teen 220 800 Bench – Oct ’10, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220 […]

What this sport means to me!

Article by Wade Butcher Some of you know me and some of you may not anyway my name is Wade Butcher. I am the Owner of Butch’s Barbell team located in Columbus Ohio. I am also a proud member of Jon Elick’s Team Darksyde Ironwear located in Circleville Ohio at Ironworx gym. I have been […]

The KATANA Curve by Wade Butcher

My first experience with the super KATANA was wearing a bone stock size 52. In the past having been a denim lifter this was actually quite the change. Some things I noticed immediately and some things it took a while to learn. Immediately upon receipt of the new shirt I was skeptical that it would […]