Resistance Bands: How You Can Add Variety To Your Powerlifting Workouts

Resistance bands may not be the first workout accessory you think of when it comes to powerlifting. But resistance bands are an essential tool for many powerlifters, especially those who want to test their strength or make workouts more interesting. Resistance bands provide an ascending resistant throughout your range of motion. This helps to provide […]

How Tight Should a Weightlifting Belt Be?

How Tight Should a Weightlifting Belt Be

It’s no secret that the key to an effective workout is finding the right tightness. Too loose, and you won’t get the support you need. Too tight, and you could end up hurting yourself. So how do you find that sweet spot? Why does powerlifting belt tightness matter? Wearing a weightlifting belt too loose can […]

How to Avoid Common Weightlifting Injuries?

Weightlifting Injuries

Few activities are as exhilarating as weightlifting. Lifting heavy weights can make you feel strong, and it’s a great way to get in shape. However, weightlifting can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Injuries are common among weightlifters, especially beginners. But with a few simple precautions, you can avoid most weightlifting […]

Top Tips on How to Lift Heavier Weights

Lifting Heavy Weight

The core goal of any beginner weightlifter is to increase the number of weights they can put on the bar. While this is naturally challenging, it will always be impossible to overstate the benefits and confidence you receive from smashing your goals. Why Should You Lift More? If your core goal of visiting the gym […]

Nylon Vs Leather Lifting Belt: What’s the Difference?

Nylon or Leather Lifting Belt

If you head into your local gym, you will likely see nylon or leather lifting belts floating around the weight-lifting section. While both options are excellent at reducing the strain on your lower back and helping you maintain good posture, you must be aware of each belt’s pros and cons. Why the Debate Between Nylon […]

Sumo Vs Conventional Deadlift: A Comprehensive Guide

Sumo Vs Conventional Deadlift

When it comes to lifting heavy weights off the ground, there are two primary ways to do it – sumo vs conventional deadlift. Both exercises are effective in their own way and target different muscle groups. What is a sumo deadlift?  The sumo deadlift is a variation of the traditional deadlift. The weight is positioned […]

Top Benefits Of Elbow Sleeves For Lifting

Best Elbow Sleeves for Lifting

You’ve probably stared at a pro, at the gym, or on the TV screens wearing those new-fangled elbow sleeves. On a tennis match, a soccer field, or a bodybuilding event. Probably thinking to yourself, “why in God’s name do they simply not wear a long sleeve shirt?” Well, there’s a reason for that. Elbow sleeves […]

Bench Press Wrist Pain: Reasons & Prevention

Bench Press Wrist Pain

Everyone loves a good bench press. An athlete might skip leg day, but they’ll never skip chest day. Bench-pressing is fun, iconic, and warrior-like. The training routine is the first thing that pops into a person’s mind when it comes to lifting weights. They are how you get that Marvel physique. And athletes tend to […]

Raw Vs Equipped Powerlifting: Which is More Effective?

Raw Or Equipped Powerlifting

Raw vs equipped powerlifting is a long-standing debate within the strength training community. Some lifters prefer the simplicity of raw lifting, while others find that the added support of equipment can help them to lift heavier weights and achieve their goals more quickly. So, which approach is more effective? What is the Difference Between Raw […]