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Anderson Athlete @bubbapritchettstrongman_ pulls 405lbs at just 13years old!

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Wishing everyone a fun, strong, safe Superbowl Sunday! 💚

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3 weeks from today these 9 Anderson athletes will step on stage to see who can build the biggest bench totals and take home the money!

Come watch them and other top benchers in the world battle it out!

Arnold Classic 2024
Rogue Strength Stage
Saturday, March 2nd
11am - 1pm

See you there 👊🏻

Don’t let grip limit your back training. Grab a pair of Figure 8 straps from Anderson Powerlifting and get to work 👊🏻

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• Brahma™ leather – featuring North American sole bend suede

• 10cm wide, 13mm thick

• Lever features a super-strong alloy with a satin pearlized nickel finish

• Secure-lock lever design stays secure until released by the lifter

• Adjustable lever buckle lets you change tightness without moving the buckle on the belt

• IPF Approved

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@tbutcher728 squatted 1,152lbs single ply this weekend to re-break his All Time World Record for the heaviest singly ply squat in history!

We’re proud to have Tyler as an integral part of #teamanderson and love watching him push the record higher and higher! Congratulations Tyler!

#WeBleedAndersonGreen #AndersonPowerlifting #ATWR #ATWRsquat

4 weeks from today some of the best unlimited benchers in the world will go head to head to build the biggest bench total on the Arnold stage!

March 2, 2024 | Arnold Classic | Rogue Strength Stage

@pitmankevin is set up and ready at the USPA Patriots of Iron meet to help you find the best gear!

Head over to @patriot_strength today to support lifters and see what we’ve got!

@uspatexas @uspapower @jimmygonzojj @kenanderson4342

Anderson Armor Knee Sleeves : Protect your knees when you gear up for your personal battle with the iron

7mm thick/30cm long — matches specs in all feds!

🎥: @aprilontherun

Happy Birthday to the man who started it all, our founder, Ken Anderson!

Thank you Ken for everything you have built and continue to do for the sport you love! Wishing you the best day! 💚

Anderson Powerlifting is here to be your strength training super store. We value quick shipping, personalized customer service, high quality products, and treating you like family.

Visit today for all your powerlifting needs 👊🏻

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We agree with @realryankennelly that Anderson Athlete @tbutcher728 looks primed and ready!

Tyler will also be at the Arnold Classic with us again this year, so stop by booth # 1621 and see this gigantic human for yourself. (bring snacks)

If you’ve been wondering about whether or not to get a bench belt, hopefully this video answers some questions for you.

Feel free to ask questions about equipped lifting below and we will have one of our athletes answer them for you!

You can get a KLA Omega Bench belt today at

Anderson Athlete @jeff.frank movin 715lbs + chain like it owes him lunch money 🥵 ...

We’re not saying that the KLA 5000s are the strongest wrap ever made, but we CAN say that they hold up under a 1,400lb bench 👀

Available in 24” or 36” these wraps are recommended for lifters looking for maximum casting and support

Grab a pair today and let us know what you think! 👊🏻

The bench aid of choice for the top equipped benchers in the world is the @f8customs Widow Maker, found right here at Anderson Powerlifting!

The perfect tool for overloading during raw training, or a great in between step before jumping into a bench shirt.

Get yours today at then tag us in your videos and let us know what you think! 👊🏻

💥Back in stock!💥

Ward Smelling Salts: next-level ammonia inhalant for athletes who want to unleash their inner insanity and take their performance to the highest level!

48 days until we all get together again at the @arnoldsports in Columbus, Ohio!

Come see some of equipped powerlifting’s strongest lifters in the Anderson Powerlifting booth and see what equipment they use first hand!

March 1-3, 2024 • Booth # 1621

We’ll be right on your way to the Rouge Strength Stage, where you will also be able to see the best benchers go head to head on Saturday during the Anderson Bench Invite!