WE ARE MOVING! Anderson Powerlifting will be closed May 18-22 while we move offices. We will reopen Monday, May 23.

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To all the moms out there, thank you for all you do! ...

Today is all about Star Wars! Which film is your favorite? ...

Resharing from Anderson Athlete @jeff.frank breaking in his F8!

825 1board. Went 900 after this, bar path didn’t hold so a no go.

@andersonpowelifting #teamanderson #sos #strengthoversuicide

AAPF Nationals spotters and loaders!

Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Your new best friend could be waiting for you at the Dallas Animal Shelter! #AdoptAShelterPetDay

Check out the pets available for adoption at https://www.bedallas90.org/home/pets/

A big congratulations to Team Anderson Athlete @amberr.alice on her performance at @2022womensproam this weekend.
She is now the 4th woman in history to squat 800lbs and finished her day with an 1805lb total!
800 | 475 | 530 | 1805
Great Job Amber! 🔥

WABDL Texas State Championships. We are off and running. Come by and see us! @andersonpowerlifting @kenanderson4342 @wabdl_official @terryputman ...


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Anderson Athlete @tbutcher728 is decked out in his Anderson Powerlifting gear and apparel— we love to see it!
From Tyler: 852 lbs raw/wraps for some Hatfield squats tonight. Of course got my KLA wraps from #andersonpowerlifting !

Back in some gear next week to prepare for another single in a couple weeks. Keepin the train movin forward one week at a time!
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Posted @withregram • @pitmankevin Pre-meet meal. WPO Bench Bash tomorrow. Team Anderson and The Gorilla Pack. Very blessed! @andersonpowerlifting @kenanderson4342 @raemiller600 @kolbstrong @thekatekolb @thebionicjedi @duncanhundley @bench.freak @pwrlftgrrl @odell_keith @caberface @worldpowerorg @wayne.pullum ...