Anderson Powerlifting Alterations for Titan Gear

At Anderson Powerlifting we understand that alterations to your gear may be needed. We offer the following alteration options for our customers on Titan Equipped Gear (suits, briefs and bench shirts).

Multi-ply gear alterations will have a higher charge.

Add 2 Velcro straps on suit$70.00
Add KLA scoop & collar$45.00
Add length to bench shirt (4-6″)$40.00
Add length to straps$45.00
Add loops to briefs/shirt$30.00
Add Spandex back or new back$40.00
Add/replace loop on wrist wraps$ 7.50
New sleeves$60.00
Open back w/ 1 Velcro strap on shirt$35.00
Open back w/ 2 Velcro straps on shirt$45.00
Scoop & Reinforce Collar$45.00
Shorten legs$30.00
Shorten sleeves$25.00
Shorten straps$35.00
Tighten chest plate$35.00
Tighten hips$30.00
Tighten legs$35.00
Tighten sleeves$30.00

Alterations Policy

ANY ALTERATIONS MADE TO EQUIPPED GEAR CREATES A CUSTOM PRODUCT. THEREFORE, ALL SALES WILL BE FINAL. Please choose your alterations carefully as no refunds or exchanges can be made for altered gear.

We strongly recommend you receive your gear first, try it on or even break it in. Then send it back to us for any desired alterations.

Before shipping, please ensure your gear is clean and free of odor. Sending soiled gear will result in a $20 cleaning fee and a delay getting your gear to the tailor.

Please contact our team at 972-733-3717 for assistance with sizing and alterations.

Gear should be mailed or dropped off (with alteration instructions) to:
Anderson Powerlifting
1406 Halsey Way, Ste 138
Carrollton, TX 75007

The only powerlifting apparel we alter is Titan gear that has been purchased from Anderson Powerlifting.