KLA – Designed for Performance

The founder and CEO of Anderson Powerlifting, Kenneth Lee Anderson, has a passion for powerlifting. He started Anderson Powerlifting on the belief that every powerlifter deserves access to the best gear available. While there are plenty of other wraps on the market, Anderson wanted to create a wrap that provided the ultimate support without hindering the natural movement of his clients. As a 16-time world record holder in bench press in three different weight classes, Anderson was very familiar with the limitations he faced when using other competitors’ wraps. With the same determination and drive he puts behind every lift, Anderson set to work on creating the perfect wrap that has the powerlifter as the sole focus and heart of the design. What resulted is the impressive brand of KLA.

What Makes KLA Different From Competitors?

KLA wraps come in 6 different strengths/resistance levels for wrist wraps and four levels for knee wraps. This allows powerlifters to find their perfect fit, making sure they can give their best performance during every lift.

The wraps themselves are sewn so there is a specific right and left wrap, making it more comfortable for the user and more stable. Why is this? Instead of having an ambidextrous design as do some of our competitors, KLA wraps are made to fit the natural shape of the body. This gives you more comfort without hindering your body’s natural movement during a lift.

The KLA velcro tabs (hook and loop closure) are built to remain tight, making them last longer and give you more support. All of our KLA products carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If there is a problem, we will happily replace your purchase. All you have to pay is shipping. 

After releasing the KLA wraps, other Anderson KLA products have joined the lineup. The quest for the best products continues: knee and elbow sleeves, singlets, bench belts, and even GTFO to maintain your gear.

Achieve Your Optimal Performance With KLA

Don’t settle for second best. Invest in a product that is guaranteed to support you. With our passion for powerlifting and the incredible design of our KLA products, you will find you are lifting more weights with less injury. Contact our team today for more information on our KLA brands or for help with sizing.