Anderson Performance Knee Sleeves

Anderson Performance Knee Sleeves

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Price: $55.00

5 mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves

  • Ideal for functional fitness and everyday physical activities
  • Flexible; easier to get on and off
  • Made of high grade 5 mm neoprene for comfort and long-lasting support
  • 24 cm in length
  • Sold in pairs

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Anderson Compression Knee Sleeves: Built for Performance and Healing Support

Anderson Performance Knee Sleeves are one of the best tools to promote, protect, and improve knee joint health. They are designed for functional fitness athletes. People who need extra support for their knees for everyday physical activities will also like them. The 5mm neoprene firmly supports without immobilizing or hindering the natural movement of the joint.

How Knee Sleeves Work

Knee sleeves compress the muscles and tendons around the knee joint. The compression increases blood flow and warmth to the area and provides a level of stability for the knee. This enables endurance, reduces post-exercise inflammation, speeds healing, and helps relieve pain.

Anderson Knee Sleeve Advantages

  • Better Fit – The tapered design of KLA Knee Sleeves offers better fit and compression over its length than a typical tube-shaped knee sleeve. The wider top narrows down to the bottom for the calf, with a slight indent at the midpoint to snugly hold the knee.
  • Extra Support – The slightly curved reinforced seam design provides additional support on both sides of the knee. This reinforcement starts at the back of the thigh at the distal hamstring tendons and curves around to the bottom front to support the patellar tendon. We believe our sleeves offer the most support you can get from a neoprene knee sleeve.
  • Long-lasting Comfort – The high-quality 5 mm neoprene provides comfort and long-lasting support with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Size Chart

NOTE: If your calf is bigger than your knee joint, use your calf measurement when selecting your knee sleeve size.

Size Chart for Anderson KLA Performance Knee Sleeves for Support and Healing

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1 review for Anderson Performance Knee Sleeves

  1. Shawn Bellon

    I trust Anderson so I was not at all shocked at how great these sleeves and and actually better to other sleeves I’ve used.

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