KLA Knee Sleeve Slip Ons

KLA Knee Sleeve Slip Ons

(32 customer reviews)

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Make knee sleeves slide on faster and easier.

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Save time and energy!

  • Help get the tightest fitting knee sleeves on.
  • Very stretchy – available in sizes S and L.
  • Can also be used for putting on bench shirts.
  • Sold as a pair.

Sizing recommendation: Use small slip ons for knee sleeve sizes XS-L. Use large slip ons for knee sleeves sizes XL and larger.

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S, L

32 reviews for KLA Knee Sleeve Slip Ons

  1. Michael Dehner

    This was an add on from a phone call from Andersen. They called to ensure I wanted the size of SBD knee sleeves that I ordered. This is GREAT customer service. I will always buy from Andersen because of this. The slip ons make life much easier for using the SBD sleeves.

  2. Draper

    Sleeves slip right on. Pull these off after and good to go in no time.

  3. Ashley Gresham

    They get the impossible done

  4. Dusty Anderson

    Truly help with putting on the knee sleeves!

  5. Amanda Prusak

    Prior to discovering these, I never wore knee sleeves due to the hassle of trying to get them on. Used them for the first time today and spent maybe 2 minutes to put both sleeves on? Would definitely buy again. Wish they were offered in black. 😉

  6. Catina

    Nice fit and good material

  7. Michael Parrott

    These slip ons make putting on my SBD knee sleeves a breeze! I never had a significant struggle before as my sleeves are sized appropriately, however the slip ons allow me to put them on in mere seconds with minimal effort. I even use them to slide on my elbow sleeves and even my elbow cuff!

  8. Gerry Heng

    Having a pair of SBD sleeves makes this a great tool.

  9. Ynoel Lopez

    I ordered these Friday morning on got them the following Sunday morning. Just in time for a heat wave. These made putting on sleeve as easy as when I would wear DL socks

  10. Gary Mobbs

  11. Jennifer

    Ordering was easy. Received product in 2 days! The knee sleeve slip ons are life changing! Especially in this humidity here in NYC.

  12. Jonathan Duncan

    Ordered, and it got to me in two days. Easy ordering and fast shipping. Cant get any better!

  13. Jessica Harsch

    Can’t believe I went so long without these!

  14. Justin Doles

  15. Michele Anderson

    Makes those darn SBD sleeves go on SOOO much easier!

  16. Tracy TIenor

    These really help for sliding the sleeves on more easily!

  17. Michele Anderson

    These make the SBD knee sleeves less of a workout before the workout! Get a pair of these when you order your SBD’s.

  18. Monica Morris

    The knee KLA sleeves slip ons was a genius invention! I bought knee sleeves in a smaller size than normal and I practically strained my back and broke/bend my nails just to get them on. It took every bit of effort to slide them up my knees. After using the KLA sleeves slip ons for the first time my knee sleeves slipped right on! It was so easy and fast! I love them!

  19. Amanda

    These things are awesome. I used to have to squat in leggings because it took so long to get my Stoic sleeves up my bare legs – and forget about if I was already sweaty! Now I can wear shorts and get my sleeves up in less than 15 seconds. Only complaint is that the stitching on one seam is coming undone already but nothing I can’t fix myself. For size reference I’m a 6’ tall female and ordered the medium and they’re just the right size and height.

  20. Fatima Patterson

    Excellent product and as usual excellent service from Anderson Powerlifting

  21. Brandon Amis

    I bought these on a recommendation from a friend after buying a set of Mark Bell Extreme X sleeves that were a touch too tight. The sleeve slippers made my tight sleeves fly right into place with no struggle at all. My one gripe is that there are no instructions for use or sizing details anywhere to be found. They are pretty self explanatory, but not everyone is going to know how to use them.

  22. jeremy thibodeaux

    I have ordered from Anderson previously, and again they deliver with excellent service and very fast shipment times. Highly recommend.

  23. Mallory

    Great product and fast shipping.

  24. Amber

    Hands down the best way to get right knee sleeves on.

  25. Vanessa Ferla

    My sleeves aren’t excessively tight but I bought these so my leggings wouldn’t slide up under the knee sleeves when putting them on. These slip ons work great!

  26. Crystal Guzniczak

    Great for putting on your knee sleeves far easier than without. I used to use a plastic bag but these are a lot nicer!


    These sleeve slippers are the *only* way I can get into competition-tight knee sleeves.

  28. Terry Putman

  29. Mondee Nelson

    A lifesaver!!

  30. Benjamin Kaufmann

    Can be used on arms or legs just makes everything easier, don’t waste your energy getting your sleeves on and off

  31. Alan Renshaw

  32. TW

    In the sticky humidity it can be tricky to get knee sleeves on – these definitely help in a pinch, or when breaking in new sleeves.

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