Powerlifting Belts


Powerlifting Belts

What Is a Powerlifting Belt?

Powerlifting belts are designed to help weightlifters prevent injury to their lower back during heavy lifts by adding extra support. They are effective in increasing performance by increasing pressure on the abdomen. This allows the weightlifter better stability and precision during the lift, making it safer for the spine and surrounding muscles.

Built For Performance

Anderson Powerlifting’s powerlifting belts are built with the weightlifter in mind. Our belts are specifically designed to aid in the sport and recreation of powerlifting. This is accomplished by using heavy-duty material that is built to last and better support abdominal muscles and the spine. This reliable material is also the same width all around to provide more comfortable support. With our adjustable belt size, you control the pressure you want when lifting. More internal pressure means more stability, allowing you to lift more weight.