KLA Single Prong Belt

KLA Single Prong Belt

(34 customer reviews)

Price: $80.00

Double sided suede

SKU: kla-belt-sp-4in

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  • 10cm wide, 10mm thick
  • Heavy single prong roller buckle
  • 4-row stitching
  • Reinforced belt loop
  • Double sided suede
  • 100% vegetable tanned leather
  • One year warranty (for manufacturer’s defect)

KLA belts also available in 4″ Lever, 2.5″x 4″ Training, 3″ Single Prong , and 2″ Bench Lever models.

Measurements refer to waist size (not pants size).

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XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

34 reviews for KLA Single Prong Belt

  1. Russell Stumpf

    Belt was delivered very fast and needed to exchange and new belt was in the mail as soon as I provided tracking for the return. Looking forward to giving you more of my money. 😉

  2. John Flores

    The best belt for your money

  3. Eric

    The belt has been great so far. Sizing was perfect in my case and it arrived quickly. Most definitely would recommend to others.

  4. Lynette Keith

    The shipping was lightening fast. WOW, the product looks amazing. It is a Father’s Day gift so I hope it fits and he likes it. Came recommended from my trainer who is a power lifter so I’m sure it’s perfect.

  5. Bryan Snodgrass

    Only took a couple days to get to me, great price and product.

  6. Derek Young

    I got my belt within a day, and it was exactly what I needed. It’s just what I expected; Quick notifications on order confirmation and shipping status.

  7. Scott

    Very nice belt. It will take a bit of breaking in, but that is fine.

  8. bryant zamora

    Received my first powerlifting belt. Product came in several days after order( fast shipping). I’m very satisfied with the belt (Kla single prong). Used it the same day and was able to handle some heavy deadlifts . Great support and quality product . I will definitely purchase all my powerlifting needs from Anderson powerlifting.

  9. Louis Diaz

    I wish there was like two more holes and be a perfect size for me is definitely good quality though

  10. Josh Schneier

    Quality belt. Fast shipping.

  11. amy kalal

    Great product! Super fast shipping!! Very pleased. Thank you.

  12. Lui

    The suede part of the tip of the belt became unglued on the first use, some stitching was out, but didn’t affect the purpose of what it’s for.

  13. Sebastian Navarro

    Needed a sturdy and durable belt, just as beginner to lifting. However, as I’ve been progressing this belt has been great and at an incredible price! Would highly recommend!

  14. william harvey

    Pulled a PR in the new belt.

  15. Sean Tivald

    Great belt for 300lbs+lifters, steal of a price, fast shipping. I spent well over a month looking for a quality belt in my size. All i could find is $90 dollar + and 6 week build time. Found this, 63 bucks shipped (On sale, even if its not on sale still worth it) had it in like 3 days. Anderson has become my go-to these days. Bought the same belt for my friend, wrong size but Anderson is on top of their returns. Nice and easy.

  16. Scott Steger

    Metal peace on the prong side of the belt separated in half. One of the 4 that hold belt together.

  17. Clarissa Arredondo

    Amazing service!I needed to return the belt and e change it and it was quick and easy and I got my new belt in the same time it would’ve taken. Love my belt and Anderson Powerlifting!

  18. Samuel Eddy

    Nice belt cant beat the price and amazingly fast shipping !

  19. Eric Roquemore

    Great quality belt!!! Really has helped with squatting.

  20. Roberto G

  21. Leonardo Gomez

    It was amazing belt and recommend for anyone else looking for the same experiment!

  22. Meagan Smith

    Love my belt and loved the amazing customer service!
    Highly recommend and will be back!

  23. DeWayne Burford

    Very nice heavy duty belt. And in my size 5xl I ordered one from another company and after I placed order they said 16 weeks to get it. Anderson powerlifting took a week and was at my door. I will be doing more business here

  24. DeWayne Burford

    Great belt solid build my size 5xl and then I bought one for my son

  25. Garett Pesnell

  26. Evan

    Very quick shipping, well packaged and had the box in a week. Thanks a ton.

  27. Rondo

    This is my first belt, and I was told to expect to have to break it in, but it came already broken in. Spent the week setting PR’s with my new belt.

  28. Kacie Dodson

    I order my first powerlifting belt last week. It came super fast and is great quality. Pretty my husband is jealous as his belt is subpar. I think we will be ordering him a Anderson belt also.

  29. Kealoha Martin

    Just got it yesterday and used it today upon opening and inspection of the belt the belt is built very durable solid to the core fit is spot on for sizing with room to grow performance is great does what you want out of a belt and then some this belt is also heavy the stitching and build quality is frikin unbelievable this belt will definetly last you a lifetime it’s built to take the abuse for sure if your not in the market to lift heavy or don’t intend to lift heavy shit and kick ass in the gym buy a lighter weight belt this belt is made for serious training only thanks Anderson time to get shit done

  30. Austin Martin

    Love this belt it helped me do some heavy lifting without hurting my back I thank you guys a lot for this product may your products do the best and be the best ??

  31. Robert McNutt

    Great belt. Great fit. No break in needed. Very satisfied. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you

  32. Buddy McKee

    Just got my belt. Opened it and for price I was expecting a lesser quality belt by for the price. Two reasons I went with Ken’s company. He is a world class lifter and knows what quality equipment is. And is all about lifters and their needs. I’ve known him and trusted his knowledge for 20 years. I’d have expected a belt of this quality to cost double this price or more. Reason two that I Ken’s belt is the very generous size range. 10 inches of range is incredible. Over my career I’ve competed from 220’s to 308’s chasing various records. My waist has ranged from 34 to 46 inches in that time up and down. With this belt I’ll be good from 242’s to 308’s with one belt. And as mentioned by others; the belt feels perfectly broken in right out of the bag. I have a 13 mm belt I’ve been using for over 15 years and it’s still very stiff and uncomfortable. This 10mm belt is exactly what I’d hoped it would be. Just right combo of firmness and comfort. Even getting into my deadlift positition. My old belt was very uncomfortable getting to the bar. 5 stars+!

  33. JM (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with this belt.

    I used to use the Inzer Lever Action belt, but I had to stop wearing it because it was painful to wear. No matter what I did, it would pinch and bruise me. It got to the point where I was more focused on the pain than the actual lift.

    So I started researching more belts and stumbled upon the KLA Single Prong Belt. What a lifesaver! It fits great. The size measurements have a wide range too, which is convenient. I thought the quality would be so-so compared to Inzer, but I was completely wrong. Its fantastic. Such a great price too. Get this belt!

  34. Cody (verified owner)

    I would not recommend this belt. Both a training partner and I have had this belt explosively deconstruct mid-squat. Both of us purchased the belt within a year of it breaking.

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