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Powerlifting Straps

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Powerlifting Straps

What Are Powerlifting Straps?

Powerlifting straps were created to help weightlifters who have recently suffered a hand injury. Weightlifting is tough on the body and can often injure an individual’s hands, leaving open sores and raw skin. The powerlifting straps allow weightlifters to continue their workout routine; they hold the weights differently by using the straps, avoiding the rough surface of the equipment.

Exercises That Are Made for Straps

Some powerlifting exercises go hand in hand with powerlifting straps. From touch-and-go deadlift variations to snatch-grip deadlifts, these exercises are almost impossible to do without powerlifting straps. Straps improve your grip by protecting your hands and optimizing your workout.

Anderson Powerlifting’s Powerlifting Straps

Anderson Powerlifting supports the KLA Cotton Lifting Strap and the KLA Nylon Lifting Strap. Here are the differences between these two powerhouse materials:

KLA Cotton Lifting Strap was built for light to heavy lifting. They are 22 ¾” long, 2” wide with extra 1 ½” cotton reinforcement, making for a hardier and more comfortable grip.

KLA Nylon Lifting Strap was designed specifically for axel and fat bars. They are 25” long, 1 ½” wide with an extra 1 ½” Nylon Reinforcement.

Look no further for your trusted powerlifting tools and turn to the experts at Anderson Powerlifting. Our passion and our drive to support our fellow athletes have allowed us to find and sell the best materials in the trade. When you want to up your performance and take your workout to the next level, you will want the support of Anderson Powerlifting. Contact our team today for more information!