Sleeves and Wraps


Sleeves and Wraps

Sleeves and Wraps

What Are Sleeves and Wraps?

Athletes use sleeves and wraps on important joints in the arms and legs to help optimize performance and reduce injury by compressing joints and tendons. 

What Are the Differences Between a Sleeve and a Wrap?

Sleeves pull on over your arm or leg and compress and heat your joints. Compression pressure on the joints increases blood flow and synovial fluid.  This increases flexibility, reduces pain, and decreases the risk of injury to the joint. You recover and get to your next workout faster when using good sleeves. Thicker sleeves provide more compression and support, while thinner sleeves allow easier range of motion and may be worn longer.

Wraps are designed to add pressure onto muscles and joints that would otherwise buckle; especially for knees and wrists when lifting heavy weights. Athletes wrap these long lengths of very sturdy material above, over, and below the joint to release pressure from the surrounding tendons. Good-quality wraps, properly worn, enable better performance and less risk of injury. 

Anderson Powerlifting Has the Sleeves and Wraps You Need

Don’t settle for cheap, less-effective material. Invest in products that will improve your performance. Anderson Powerlifting sells top-quality sleeves to protect your important knee and elbow joints and wraps to support your knees and wrists.

Reduce your risk for injuries and gain peace of mind by ordering your new pair now. Contact us today if you need help finding the right products and sizes for your needs.