Sleeves and Wraps


Sleeves and Wraps

Sleeves and Wraps

What Are Sleeves and Wraps?

Sleeves and wraps are used by athletes to help optimize performance by compressing joints and tendons, ensuring that they stay heated and the muscles stay flexible. By keeping the joints warm, this produces more synovial fluid which provides lubrication and vital nutrients to the joints, lessening the chance of an injury.

What Are the Differences Between a Sleeve and a Wrap?

Sleeves were specifically made to compress the joints and keep heat on them so that future injuries and damage can be avoided. Sleeves do this by putting equal pressure on the joints, increasing blood flow which increases flexibility, reduces pain, and increases the recovery time of the joint. This allows you to recover and get to the next workout faster.

Wraps are specifically designed to add pressure onto muscles that would otherwise buckle. This includes knee and wrist wraps which are commonly used in weightlifting squats. Wraps release pressure from the surrounding tendons, giving them better performance and less risk for injury. 

Anderson Powerlifting Has the Sleeves and Wraps You Need

Don’t settle for cheap, tacky looking material and invest in products that are guaranteed to up your performance. Anderson Powerlifting sells sleeves for all of your important joints, such as your knees and elbows, and wraps for your knees and wrists. Reduce your risk for injuries and gain peace of mind by contacting our team today. We can help you find the tools you need for a better workout!