Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves

Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves

(9 customer reviews)

Price: $75.00

7mm neoprene – tapered for better fit!

  • Ideal for powerlifting and heavy knee stress activities
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • 30 cm in length
  • Sold in pairs
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Use sleeves to help reduce post-exercise inflammation, prevent injury, and with post-injury healing.

The Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves are a convenient and essential tool for heavy lifters. Whether you are into powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or have a job that stresses your knees, these are for you.


  • 7mm thick neoprene.
  • Better fitting sleeve.
    • Tapered design of our knee sleeves offers better fit and compression over its length than a typical tube-shaped knee sleeve.
    • Wider opening at the top tapers down to a narrower opening at the bottom, with a slight indent at the midpoint.
  • Extra support – slightly curved reinforced seam design provides additional support on both sides of the knee.
  • High-quality CR neoprene provides comfort and long-lasting support.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

All Anderson/KLA products meet specifications for every federation.

NOTE: If calf is bigger than knee joint, make sure the size you choose has a maximum size equal to or bigger than your calf.

Watch Eva Dunbar, one of our Anderson Powerlifting sponsored athletes, using our KLA Extreme Knee Sleeves.

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9 reviews for Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves

  1. William Ramirez

  2. shane langston

    I called and placed a phone order. All my question were answered with knowledge and professionalism. I recieved my order within 3 days . Superior Service and I am very satisfied with the knee sleeves that I ordered.

  3. Ron Kraus

  4. Austin LaVoie

    Accurate description, fair price, good product and prompt shipping.

  5. Timmy Parker

    Great Products. Karen was very helpful. Especially when I had to choose the right size weight belt!

  6. Joseph Mickelson

    These sleeves are great. They work well and stay in place.

  7. Alan Renshaw

  8. Putt Houston (verified owner)

    ANDERSON EXTREME KNEE SLEEVES ARE THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN THE INDUSTRY. For a short period of time everyone bragged about the SBD brand and it was everyone’s go to knee sleeve. Ken was the first one to offer them up and for awhile they were superior to other brands. Last year they switched to a stretchier more pliable material which means if you wore a medium now you need a small just to feel the same tightness. Over the phone they will tell you nothing has changed at all. Well that’s all BS! Tell that to someone who doesn’t have several old and new pairs in front of them. They are stretchier now. Period. You want an Extreme tight pair and ultimate supportive fit? Ken solved the problem with the Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves. 7mm thick and super tight fit. They are the sleeves everyone wants. These are the best on the market now. When you want a competitive advantage, the equipment you use makes a huge difference. It could be the difference between smashing a new PR, setting a World or National Record and the slimmest of margins to win the most important meet of your life. Don’t settle for average. No one says I want a pair of average knee sleeves so I can compete and just do ok at my next competition. And if they do say it, stop training with them, they suck. Take it from me, I’ve coached over 50 National Champions and have competed 29 years and I want you to remember these two words: EVERYTHING MATTERS!
    This includes all your wraps and sleeves too. So when you have to decide on a pair of knee sleeves and you want the very best, call Ken Anderson and ask for the Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves. I don’t play games man and if your gear is garbage let it be known…. and when it’s better than the rest then reach for the best. I put my name and number on it. Call me if you need more convincing.
    Putt Houston Approved!

    • Kevin Pitman (verified owner)

      Thank you sir. Those are indeed high words of praise from a legendary coach and lifter. If you need something, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  9. William Caughey (verified owner)

    I love my first pair of knee sleeves so much that I bought a second, tighter pair! I highly recommend them.

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