Anderson Armor Knee Sleeves

Anderson Armor Knee Sleeves

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Big numbers start with great support and joint protection.

Protect your knees with Anderson Armor when you gear up for your personal battle with the iron.

  • Made from newer 5% neoprene (95% rubber) material.
  • 7mm thick and 30 cm long – matches specifications in all federations.
  • Tapered design with strong support and rebound.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Even more support than our Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves.

Please measure your knee and calf before ordering. The sizing chart is different than Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves and similar sleeves of other brands.
These sleeves are extremely tight with very little stretch. We do NOT recommend sizing down or forcing on a sleeve that is too tight.

For a more flexible sleeve with firm support, check out our Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves.

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9 reviews for Anderson Armor Knee Sleeves

  1. Phillip M (verified owner)

    Amazing sleeves for sure. I ordered 2xl as I measured at 15.5 on the knee and calf and let me tell you they were unbelievably tight. I have ordered the 3xl to try now and will keep the 2xl as a “backup” possibly “meet day” option. Prompt shipping and well put together product.

  2. Shaun (verified owner)

    I measured 17.75 calves and 17.5 knees so I ordered 3xl by there chart. Ive tried suit slippers straps and everything I can think of and cant get them past my calves. If you buy these size up the chart is not correct. My 3xl fit inside inzer xl’s. im gonna end up paying 20 to ship 20 to return and 20 to ship again and isnt even worth returning should of just bought inzers lesson learned.

  3. Aaren

    My favorite pair of knee sleeves . Allows me to feel a lot more confident in my descent on my squats. Provides plenty of support

  4. Tyler Butcher

    These sleeves provide INSANE support without breaking the bank. Can’t wait to knock down some new PR’s!

  5. April Hamon (verified owner)

    The Anderson Amour Knee Sleeves are the strongest knee sleeves on the market at a great price! They I wear a size XS (comp) and small (training) in the Anderson Extreme Knee Sleeves. I sized up in the Armor to a Large (comp) and XL (training) which give me the snug fit I want for comp day while still training effectively in an XLarge. In between sizes? DO NOT size down! Highly recommend this sleeve if you’re looking to crush your squat PR!!!

  6. Barry England (verified owner)

    The Amour Knee Sleeves are the strongest knee sleeves are the market! I used the sizing chart and had zero problems. If you are between sizes go up because the compound in these sleeves are about 90% rubber and the rest neoprene. These sleeves will not lose shape or form. Priced better than the Inzer Ergo Pro, The 7mm Cerberus Competiton Sleeve. Most bang for your buck! Great experience with these sleeves posting my best raw with sleeves squat!!!! If you have any trouble getting the sleeve on (assuming you ordered the correct size) fold the sleeves on the bottom and the top to provide a leverage point to pull the sleeve over the calf up the knee. The sleeve is strong and that is what you want in a sleeve. If you want a more pliable or flexible sleeve the Anderson Extreme Sleeve is a good choice. I own both! Great gear. Great Customer Service! I highly recommend the sleeves if you want the most out of your lifts!!!

  7. Amber Hansen (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the inzer ergos, iron rebels, and the A7s … the Anderson sleeves dust them all in terms of stiffness, support, and fit. I like the armors because they are constructed with two side seams vs one in the back so there’s not a giant seam tearing up the back of your knee. I get a lot of pop out of the hole and the compression around the quad and hamstring feels snug but doesn’t cut off circulation like the others. Use some suit slippers to help get them on and off and DON’T size down!

  8. Zac Meyers (verified owner)

    These help be more explosive out of the hole in your squat.

  9. Zac Meyers (verified owner)

    These help be more explosive out of the hole in your squat.

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