Saturday March 25th Jimmy Kolb pressed 903lbs and as of now is the strongest lb for lb drug free single ply bench presser on the planet. 

Jimmy’s road to this lift was long and hard with many obstacle’s to over come. But as with most things this man does he walked in fearless, oblivious to his surroundings and conquered the weight as no one man has done before. Approaching the bar in a state of mind a normal human couldn’t fathom, Jimmy setup and completed the lift with an ease that had the rest of the lifting world in awe. So all you doubters and neigh Sayers out there watch out because the King just claimed his throne and does not plan on stepping down. King Kolb is now in route to attempt a single ply 1000 in the not so distant future. 

Jimmy solidified the events of this day in his mind by proposing to his beloved Kate. Which of course she said yes. Jimmy I know would also like to thank Ken Anderson for all the support and for believing in him and providing the industry’s best gear. Tracy for taking time to attend him no matter how far away, and the Blackstone crew for supporting his training and providing an unmatched hardcore environment.

Article by Wade (Butch) Butcher | Ironworx gym/ Team Darksyde Ironwear | Ohio APF Co/Chairman