Article by Wade Butcher

Some of you know me and some of you may not anyway my name is Wade Butcher. I am the Owner of Butch’s Barbell team located in Columbus Ohio. I am also a proud member of Jon Elick’s Team Darksyde Ironwear located in Circleville Ohio at Ironworx gym. I have been involved in this sport off and on for 24 years. I hold no World records no National records and have a time holding onto my state records. I have never posted an elite total although I am trying hard again to achieve this (now that a long time injury is no longer a threat). I am however very dedicated and hold my team to high standards. To tell you the truth I do not care how strong they are if they put their best foot forward and lift to the peak of their ability every time I am satisfied. I expect them to lift with integrity and to show respect to everyone who dares to approach the stage.

I was twelve years old when I was introduced to the sport and was immediately hooked entering my first competition later that year. I noticed immediately how helpful and respectful the other competitors are yet so intense at the same time. This Brotherhood that we live for is one thing I know in my heart I can always depend on. The training is sick and painful at best but we love it. WHY? Because it defines us it allows us to break away from the reality of our world for a short time. I know that the friends I have made in this sport are some of the most dedicated and supportive individuals I have ever met. As a matter of fact these friends are some of the best friends I have ever had long distance or not I know I can depend on them and they can me.

This sport has made me who I am today and means more to me than even I will probably ever know myself. From the excitement of the competition to the long training sessions, the success, the failures, the friends I have made to the brothers we have all lost. This is my life and I live it to please myself and my family and my brothers. I am proud to be a member of the (STRONGEST) brotherhood in the world.

Wade (Butch) Butcher
Butch’s Barbell/Team Darksyde Ironwear
Ohio APF Co/Chair