3-Ply Titan Super Charged Ram

3-Ply Titan Super Charged Ram

(8 customer reviews)

Price: $115.00

Super Charged Ram 3 Ply Bench Aid


SKU: ttn-bench-3ply-ram-super-charged

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  • Bench press aid designed to assist the lifter in maintaining perfect form.
  • Reduces stress on your shoulders, rotator cuff, and pectoralis muscles.
  • 3-ply

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S, M, L, XL, 2XL

8 reviews for 3-Ply Titan Super Charged Ram

  1. James Noblit

    i haven’t used it yet, but as usual service and interaction with Andersen is always great.

  2. Paul Henderson

    Love the product works well

  3. Charles Zimmerman

    I’ve turned a lot of my friends on to Anderson and for the most part you guys have been the best customer service I’ve encountered . I buy all my lifting gear from Anderson because of the quick turnaround on shipping out different items I have ordered. My purchase list goes as follows titian super ram, titan magnum, titan super charged ram, sbd elbow and knee sleeves, anderson 2000 and i think 4000 wrist wraps and knee wraps. Great company and I would recommend you to anyone Keep up the great work..

  4. Bob Wass

    I have been with anderson sence 2007 evryone i have dealt with has been the best in the world thankyou it was mis labeled way to big

  5. Mark Ball

    Very good product. I have been back I. The gym 5 mths now after a 2.6 yr lay out. I weigh 209lbs and was able to double with 365 on bench using the Titan Super charged Ram

  6. Steven Fergen

    Very aggressive/stiff. Good carryover to the feel of a shirt.

  7. John Vervelakis

    Awesome company to deal with, super fast response and great customer service!!!!!!
    BARBENDERS Gym blackwood NJ

  8. Joseph Mickelson

    This ram is very tight and you can load up the weight if you are used to using a shirt to bench in.
    Good design and quality.

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