Donnie Thompson’s Formal Bowtie

Donnie Thompson’s Formal Bowtie

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Train better posture & form!

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Firm compression for superior posture and form

  • Made with a very heavy and stiff webbing material.
  • Designed to reduce common shoulder pain and pec tightness, and to help prevent certain injuries in the future by encouraging perfect posture.
  • Developed for the serious athlete to use during squats, bench, deadlift & warmups.
  • Developed by powerlifting legend Donnie Thompson and Spud Inc.

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2 reviews for Donnie Thompson’s Formal Bowtie

  1. Jody Woods

    Good, I need something to improve my posture, I recommend it

  2. Shawn Bellon

    I definitely have tight chest that pulls me forward. Looking forward to this helping me.

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