Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz

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Improve muscle activation & grip!

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Fat Gripz is a strength training tool that thickens the diameter of the hold on dumbbells and barbells.

Fat Gripz:

  • Work by increasing the diameter of the bar.
    • You will feel the difference after your first time.
  • Forces your hold open so more muscles are being used during your lift.
  • Allow you to convert any dumbbell, barbell, or accessory handle into a thick bar.
    • Get the benefits of an axle bar or thick bar without the expense.
  • Create greater muscle activation and improve grip strength.
  • Are hygienic – you will not have to touch the equipment in the gym.
  • Cost less than a bottle of protein powder and will help you build muscle and strength.
  • Are used by many: NFL players / champion bodybuilders / Special Forces soldiers / UFC fighters / Crossfit athletes / and thousands of people around the world wanting a strong, impressive physique.

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Weight 1.375 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 4.75 × 2.4 in


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