2-Ply Titan Boss Squat Suit Wide

2-Ply Titan Boss Squat Suit Wide

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Price: $440.00

Laminated material with Aplix straps

SKU: ttn-squat-suit-2ply-boss-ws

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Boss Squat Suits – the heaviest, strongest unlimited poly suit in the lifting world!

  • Made from laminated layers of NXG Super Plus fabric.
  • Patented built-in harness system. The 3cm seams create an anatomically precise harness system for extra support and bigger squats.
    • New reinforced side seams create an inside seam with a smooth bore, like the barrel of a tank gun.
  • No expansion panels like the competitors’.
  • Aplix straps – 30% stronger than Velcro and proven performance in 1,200 lb.+ squats.

Wide Stance – for wide to extra wide stance squatters

Multi-ply Titan gear is currently out of stock. To order a Boss Squat Suit, please contact Anderson Powerlifting at 972-733-3717.
Turnaround time on special orders is approximately 6-8 weeks.

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2 reviews for 2-Ply Titan Boss Squat Suit Wide

  1. Mike Esposito

    This suit is awesome! Just like the old super boss! I love it! Anderson Powerlifting always does a great job!


    This new Evil Twin Boss Suit is going to last me forever. Ken is the best . Titan is the best.

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