1. At a geared meet you never hear “Wow, that guy buried that squat. That’s impressive!”  You might hear “Man, that guy squatted way too low.  What an idiot.”

2.  You never hear in the warm up room of a geared meet, “Throw the 2 & 1/2s on the bar!” But, I have at a raw meet.

3.  Raw lifters wear low top Chucks with big multi-colored tube socks.  Geared guys wear hi-top Chucks with no frill socks.

4.  There’s a lot of thought put into a Raw life’s ensemble.  Most everything matches and they often wear singlets and belts with airbrushed designs on them.  Geared is whatever color bench shirt the company sent you and a basic, sometimes other company, any color singlet.

5.  Raw lifters can’t sit still for some reason. They pace. They mingle. They network. Geared guys find a corner and conserve energy because that squat suit drains every last drop of their soul.

6.  Raw lifters drink out of huge jugs.  Individual gallon containers with different color liquids for said physiological and psychological need.  Geared lifters down a couple of Monsters or Bang and some Gatorade.

7.  Raw lifters are surrounded by meal prepped foods, protein bars and foam rollers.  Geared lifters often can be seen knocking off a $10 box from the golden arches and pop-tarts.

8.  Raw lifters ceremonially unsnap their lever belt in a dramatic fashion to add an exclamation point to their lift.  Geared lifters unsnap it to finally breath after their suit sucks the life out of them.

9.  Raw lifters wait proudly on the platform for the ref to check their Hello Kitty singlet, ensuring the broken State record counts.  Geared guys will mow over anyone that steps in their way to getting their knee wraps off.

10.  Geared lifting has Hoff and Blaine Sumner.  Plain and simple. So, we win.

**** This post was made to be funny.  We all start somewhere. Having fun and not getting hurt, that’s what matters.

By Jeff Miller

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