Building a company from the ground up and powerlifting have one very important thing in common: they both take an exceptional amount of hard work and determination to succeed. Ken Anderson, the CEO of Anderson Powerlifting, was recently invited to participate in an interview with KRLD NewsRadio 1080.

Anderson spent 30 years in the real estate business before he began his journey with powerlifting. After dedicating time each day to exercising to better his health, he noticed the impact powerlifting was having on his body — he was becoming stronger. At the ripe old age of 50, Anderson decided to compete professionally.

“I started at 50, entered my first [competition] in Portland Oregon, just, brand new, never lifted like that at a big World Championship — and won it. And I thought, ‘this is easy!'”

Around 15 years — and 16 World Championship titles — later, Anderson decided to retire from competition and focus on bringing younger people into the fold. He started Anderson Powerlifting to ensure that those interested in the sport were well-equipped with whatever powerlifting gear they might need to succeed, from weight lifting belts to wrist wraps.

In a sport where such heavy weights are being used, it’s essential that your body has the support it needs, not only to prevent injuries but to push it to its limits to build as much strength as possible.

Ken Anderson is now 80 years old, but — unlike most 80-year-olds who have lost 50% of muscle mass due to sedentary behavior — has no plans to slow down.

“I love it,” he said, “It’s a great sport. I’ve met some of the strongest and nicest people in the world [through this business].

If you have any questions regarding your own powerlifting journey, feel free to contact Anderson Powerlifting at 972-733-3717.