Product Review: Anderson Ammon Massage Gun by Jeff Miller


As we age there are just parts of training that become more important.  Let’s face it.  We just don’t recover like we did in our youth.  So we really need to do all the little things that we may have overlooked in our earlier years.  Proper nutrition, hydration and dietary supplementation are all important pieces of the puzzle.  Chiropractic care, massage therapy, cryogenics, Graston technique, cupping and body tempering are all tools to aid in recovery.  The more tools you have in your tool chest the better you will recover, the better you will lift and the less injuries you will accumulate.  Recently, we have acquired an Anderson Ammo Massage Gun.  The difference it has made has been astonishing.

When the massage gun came in the mail and I opened it I was immediately impressed.  It comes packaged in its own professional looking carrying case.  When you unzip the case, each of the massage heads, charger and gun have their own individual place inside a well-organized foam insert.  This is important in keeping everything clean, intact and all in one place.  When you receive your gun it is recommended that it be charged eight hours before its first use.  It doesn’t take that long but I always follow the instructions.  You can tell how charged the gun is by a light at the bottom end of the battery. It turns green for charged, yellow for about half and red for low.

To turn the gun on you flick the switch on the base of the battery.  Once on, the display panel on the back of the gun becomes visible.  There is a power button and once you push it then the full display lights up.  There is a timer that can be set 5 minute increments at a time.  The other displays are percentage of battery life left, Kcal burned, temperature, speed up and down and level.  There is also a heart rate display.  Yes, you can take your heart rate by pressing your finger to the space on the side of the gun.

So why can’t you just go and buy a jigsaw and get some of the massage heads?  Variable speed.  What sets this gun apart is the variable speed settings.  Well, why does it matter?  Believe me when you crank that massager up to level nine you don’t want it anywhere near your head.  It literally feels like its rattling your brain.  It simply is too high of a setting for certain parts of your anatomy.  If you have fillings in your teeth and would like to keep them in your mouth then get the gun with the variable speed option.

Earlier I mentioned that the Anderson Ammo Massage Gun comes with eight different massage heads.  Each of them is designed to work on different parts of the body.  The first head, which is made of  hollow rubber, is recommended for soft tissues like the inner thighs.  It works great on the temples and jaw muscles too. Another head is made for working specifically on the spine.  The next has six spiny parts with a hard raised center.  It feels great on the glutes and upper back.  There is another spiny head with nothing in the center for bulging muscles like the calves and biceps.  The most commonly seen head that is in all the advertisement for inferior guns is the large solid rubber ball.  It is recommended for the shoulders and neck.  Personally I don’t like it or use it.  I find it too difficult to slide it across the body.  Then there is a “Y” shaped head to be used on the spinal erectors.  There is a wide flat headed attachment used for bigger areas like the hips and legs.  The last head is my favorite by far and it’s shaped like a bullet.  It is used to massage out painful trigger points.  To me, it is the most versatile of all the heads and feels the best.  This head also slides across the body the best.  A little pro tip for everyone:  Wear a tight shirt and pants when using The Anderson Ammo Massage gun.  The massager slides across the fabric much better than the skin.

The battery lasts a long time.  Hours and hours.  It’s recommended to use the full battery and let it die before fully charging it again.  This maintains the life of the battery.  Some of the other inferior brands also are as loud as a power tool.  You can definitely watch TV and use the massager at the same time with no worries.

Now that I have told you all about the gun, let me tell you what it can do.  My shoulder has been hurt for years.  I have the mobility of a nursing home patient.  I have tried everything you could think of to fix it.  After a few sessions with this wonderful piece of equipment, my shoulder is now pain free.  My mobility has also moved out of the old folk’s home as well.  My wife has seen great results on her nagging injuries as well.  We just take turns using the gun on each other’s ailments.  It works great on tight hips as well.  Having trouble getting to depth on your squat?  Give the gun a try.  Those of us constantly handling big weights on the bench press know the foils of forearm pain?  Kiss the forearm pain goodbye with the massager.  Another huge benefit to using the massage gun is that massage promotes muscle growth.  Work on those lagging areas and get ready to hop on the Gainz Train.

The Anderson Ammo Massage Gun is a versatile and useful tool for any athlete who wants to recover from their athletic endeavors as quickly as possible.  There are other guns on the market but they are nowhere near the quality as this one.  They also don’t come with Anderson Powerlifting’s best in the industry customer service.  When you order from Anderson you are more than a customer.  You are a priority.