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Training Belts

Maximize Your Performance With an Anderson Powerlifting Training Belt

Training belts are specifically designed to help weightlifters maximize their performance while getting comfortable with using a belt. Training belts help reduce stress on the lower back, preventing painful hyperextension and potential injury. 


Training belts are also a great tool to help beginners or seasoned veterans be more aware of their position as they lift. The belt restricts movements that could potentially harm a lifter, reinforcing positive habits and dissuading negative ones.

Built to Last

Our team at Anderson Powerlifting strongly believes in supporting fellow athletes. If you are looking to up your weightlifting performance, our sturdy belts made out of hardy leather will help get the job done. Our training belts are the perfect stepping stone into the world of powerlifting and allow the user to be more aware of the way their body moves. This helps prevent poor habits that could negatively affect performance and increase the risk of injury. Invest in a belt that will work just as hard as you do and contact our team today!