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Lever Belts

Anderson’s Powerlifting Lever Belts

Lever belts are a style of powerlifting belts that implement a screwed-in harness, making it customizable for the user’s waistline measurement. Lever belts allow the user to tighten the belt only when it is needed. Once the lever is flicked, the belt will be as tight as it should be and will not move until the lever is told to release the tightness. This easy-to-use mechanic allows weightlifters to tighten and untighten the belt with no assistance.

Why Choose Anderson’s Powerlifting Lever Belts?

At Anderson’s Powerlifting, we only offer the best products on the market to ensure our clients are optimizing performance and safety. All of our belts are built to withstand intense strength training regimens, allowing the user to handle more weight and repetitions. Our belts are also made of sturdy and durable material, such as leather, and are most often lined with suede to provide greater comfort. If you are looking for a belt to help you maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury, Anderson’s Powerlifting lever belts are your answer!