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Deadlift Suits

Velocity Deadlift Suit

At Anderson Powerlifting, we believe in supporting our weightlifting athletes with the best gear out there. This is why we sell the Velocity Deadlift Suit, which is built for power and explosive speed. The sturdy neoprene material is backed by an industry-leading guarantee of one year without any blowouts no matter how often or heavy you lift. This sturdy suit will ensure that you are in the correct posture for your lifts, helping to prevent injury, support your body ensuring stability and allowing you to lift more weights.

No matter what your style is or what size you need, our velocity suits come in 15 different sizes, two thicknesses (1-ply which helps you stay cool and 2-ply for maximum compression and support) and can be tailored to fit both conventional and sumo lifting stances.

Anderson Powerlifting; Supporting Your Best Workouts

Focus. Power. Drive. Heart. These are the qualities that make the ultimate powerlifter. When it comes to making the ultimate powerlifting gear, Anderson Powerlifting brings these qualities to the next level. All of our merchandise is created to give powerlifters and athletes the freedom to remain focused on their workout while our products support their body’s natural movement. Our deadlift suits work just as hard as you do, keeping you cool, supported, and allowing you to give 110% during every lift and workout. Contact our team today for help with sizing or for more information on our products!