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KLA Nylon Lifting Strap KLA Nylon Lifting Strap - Pair

Our Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $15.00
Savings: $1.00

KLA Lifting Strap - Pair KLA Lifting Strap - Pair

Cotton Lifting strap - 22 3/4" long

Our Price: $16.00

KLA Nylon Lifting Strap 25" Orange KLA Nylon Lifting Strap 25" -Orange -Pair

Designed for axel & fat bars - 25" long

Our Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $16.50
Savings: $1.50

While they are not as sturdy and supportive by themselves as wrist wraps, powerlifting straps and deadlift straps are still a valuable addition to your lifting gear. Unlike compression gear meant to support a joint, powerlifting straps are intended for redistributing the weight of a barbell from your hands into your wrists and arms, so the strongest muscles can be applied to the lift, instead of your maximum lift being limited by grip strength. Our powerlifting straps attach to the barbell and your wrist with velcro -- when you drop the bar, the velcro separates, letting the weights fall freely. Deadlift straps are similar, but only wrap around your wrist and hands, for added support with or without a wrist wrap, boosting grip strength on the heaviest lifts, and reducing grip fatigue on long series.