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Bench Blokz 1 board Bench Blokz 2-5 board
Bench Blokz 1 board
Our Price: $29.95

Bench Blokz 2-5 board
Our Price: $54.95

Bench Blokz 1 Board Bench Blokz 2-5 Board
Bench Blokz are a revolution in bench press technology, allowing you to bench with better, safer, technique, with or without a spotter. Attach Bench Blokz directly to the bar to save your shoulders in case of a dropped weight, and maintain proper alignment on standard or incline bench presses. With an adjustable height from 2 to 5 “boards”, Bench Blokz eliminate the need for cumbersome, dangerous wooden boards, and the spotter to hold them. Raise the bar today and try Bench Blokz for your next workout!