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Titan Gear Alterations

Please Call 972-733-3717 to set up your alterations:

Alteration Charge
Tighten Chest Plate $25
Tighten Sleeves $20
Shorten Sleeves $15
Scoop & Re-enforce Collar $35
Scoop Neck Only $25
Open Back -1 Velcro Straps $25
Open Back -2 Velcro Straps $35
Add Velcro Straps to Suits $55
Add Material to Torso $30
Shorten Straps on Suit $25
Tighten Hips $25
Tighten Legs $25
Add Spandex Back $35

No Refund or Exchange allowed on altered gear so choose alterations carefully.
Gear must be clean and free of odor.
A cleaning fee of $20 will be charged for gear that is dirty or has any odor.
We only alter Titan gear that you purchased from Anderson Powerlifting LLC

Alteration Tighten Chest
Our Price: $25.00
Custom Alteration - Gear can not be returned or exchange if alteration added Custom Alteration Custom Alteration
Custom Alteration