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Titan Gear Alterations

Please call 972-733-3717 to set up your alterations:

Alteration Charge
Tighten Chest Plate $30
Tighten Sleeves $25
Shorten Sleeves $20
Scoop & Re-enforce Collar $40
Scoop Neck Only $30
Open Back -1 Velcro Straps $30
Open Back -2 Velcro Straps $40
Add Velcro Straps to Suits $60
Add Material to Torso $35
Shorten Straps on Suit $30
Tighten Hips $30
Tighten Legs $30
Add Spandex Back $40

No Refunds or Exchanges allowed on altered gear so please choose your alterations carefully.
Gear must be clean and free of odor.
A cleaning fee of $20 will be charged for gear that is dirty or has any odor.
We only alter Titan gear that you purchased from Anderson Powerlifting.

Alteration Shorten Sleeves Alteration Tighten Chest Alteration KLA Scoop & Collar
Alteration Shorten Sleeves
Our Price: $20.00

Alteration Tighten Chest
Our Price: $30.00

Alteration KLA Scoop & Collar
Our Price: $40.00

Shorten sleeves Custom Alteration Custom Alteration
Alteration Add length to torso
Custom Alteration