Titan Velocity Deadlift Suit Conventional

Titan Velocity Deadlift Suit Conventional

(9 customer reviews)

Price: $187.50

More suits are on order, but Titan is experiencing supply delays. We will have sizes back in stock soon.


SKU: ttn-dl-suit-velocity-conv

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This ain’t your father’s deadlift suit… and this ain’t no crossover suit either! Built from the ground up to do only one thing – provide extreme pop and explosive power from the bottom all the way to lockout!


  • Titan’s patented harness system (#5046194) and a patent pending high neckline to provide maximum stability and maintain perfect posture in the pocket.
  • Patent pending supportive chest panel design that is designed to help keep the back more erect.
  • Combination of NGX Plus and NXG Super Plus fabrics to give maximum support and power where you need it most without sacrificing comfort and flexibility.
  • IPF approved
  • Choose from sumo or conventional.

For sizing assistance, call us at 972-733-3717 with your quad and hips measurements.

The Velocity is available in two models:

Conventional – Designed for deadlifters who use a close stance. (Efficiency Profile – works best for lifters with a strong back, hips and slightly longer arms)

Sumo – This model features angled legs to accommodate lifters who use a wide stance. (Efficiency Profile – works best for lifters with very strong legs and hips. Strong squatters usually do best with this technique. This technique also helps shorten the stroke and compensate for less than optimal leverages on shorter armed lifters.)

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26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62


Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Royal Blue

9 reviews for Titan Velocity Deadlift Suit Conventional

  1. Matt Powell

    Still breaking it in, but overall happy with it, once it’s broken in and I get the velcro straps adjusted should be perfect.

  2. William Beck

    Havnt had a chance to use it yet,cant wait to give it a try.

  3. Marineta Kropke

    The suit came with clear white markings, numbers and lines from sewing pattern/template everywhere there is a seam. It looks unfinished and unpolished, as if I sewed it up on my sewing machine, but I hope it is of a good quality. This suit I purchased for a self training power lifter in Bulgaria who did not have the money to buy it and would not have been allowed to compete without such suit.

  4. Perfecto Flores

    The suit fits perfectly the shipping was fast .

  5. Zach Severin

  6. Adan Ramirez

  7. david fiori

    I have been getting my gear from Anderson powerlifting since Ken started , all my friends where in inzer and metal. I was just starting out and found Titan support systems and they told me about a guy in Texas that was going to be a distributor I called Ken and been Happy ever since. I just got my velocity suit shipping and quality are better now than back then and it was great back then now it’s phenomenal. @worldchamp220

  8. Robert Giarrizzo

    Love the suit. Had a velocity with Velcro straps. Actually like this one better with the regular straps. I also want to add the Anderson powerlifting has the fastest and most reliable service I’ve experienced online

  9. Sean

    This was my first time ordering a Titan suit and wasn’t sure about sizing. I asked them for help to which the promptly responded. Their advice was spot on and the suit ended up being the perfect fit.

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