Titan Spartan Squat Suit w/ ‘IPF Approved’ Stamp – 22

Titan Spartan Squat Suit w/ ‘IPF Approved’ Stamp – 22

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SKU: ttn-squat-suit-spartan-ipf

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The Spartan Squat Suit was created to fill the gap between the Superior Squat Suit and the Centurion. It will outperform any suit on the market with the exception of the Centurion line.

  • Constructed from our exclusive stock of NXG Super Plus fabric.
    • NXG Super Plus is the fabric that revolutionized the lifting world. It is powerlifting’s strongest, most supportive and run-proof fabric.
  • Conventional 3-panel construction – front, back and crotch.
  • Backed by an 18 month blowout and runner warranty.
  • Not legal for USPA/IPL (due to ‘IPF Approved’ stamp).

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