Titan Fury Bench Shirt w/ ‘IPF Approved’ Stamp – 34

Titan Fury Bench Shirt w/ ‘IPF Approved’ Stamp – 34

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Specially designed for benchers with a high touch point.

Introduced in July 2002, the Fury bench shirt revolutionized the industry. The innovation was the 90-degree hemispherical sleeves that store energy as soon as the elbows are cracked and the bar descent begins.

  • Allows a lifter to adjust the shirt to dial in more or less power.
    • Pull the shirt up and it would reduce energy storage. Pull it down and create more energy storage.
    • Twist or torque the sleeves in and more energy could be stored. The most copied shirt design in powerlifting history.
  • Features NXG Plus, our second generation fabric created exclusively for Titan.
  • Dynamic stretch back.
  • Created with synthetic, high tech, super tensile strength thread.
  • Constructed using commercial satin stitching, no straight stitching on any part of the shirt.
    • Improves suit performance and durability.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Product guarantee: 1 year on blowouts and 1.5 year No Run guarantee on NXG material!
  • Not legal for USPA/IPL (due to ‘IPF Approved’ stamp).

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