Titan Centurion Squat Suit Wide

Titan Centurion Squat Suit Wide

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Single Ply Squat Suit

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We just don’t look for the best powerlifting materials and support systems in the world, we create them! Constructed from NXG Super Plus – the strongest, heaviest fabric in the lifting world, created by Titan specifically for powerlifting – the Centurion doesn’t pull any punches. But we didn’t stop there. We also included our patented built in harness system. The 3cm seams create an anatomically precise harness system for extra support and bigger squats. Not enough? How about state of the art, hi-tech, hi-tensile strength threads that hold incredible loads – up to 10 kg of weight per single looped thread! Then we put that thread to use by incorporating more stitching per square inch than any other suit in the lifting world. This suit’s the real deal! Backed by the most outrageous product performance guarantee in the business: 2 years on blowouts and 1 1/2 years on runners!

Available in: Regular Stance – for narrow to moderate stance squatters
Wide Stance – for wide to extra wide stance squatters.

All Centurion Suits Feature:

  • Patented harness system (patent #5,046,194)
  • Composed of 11 different panels. When combined they form a harness system within the suit to provide more support and power than any other suit on the market. Not simply a suit with extra strips of fabric sewn on top. The sum of its parts makes the Centurion a stronger, more powerful suit!
  • Features NXG Super Plus fabric. It is the heaviest, strongest fabric in the lifting world. Created exclusively by Titan. Created specifically for powerlifting. Virtually tear proof and run proof.
  • Features synthetic, high tech, super high tensile strength thread. A single thread has tested to a load of 3.75 kg while a looped thread has tested to a load of 10kg! Costs up to 3 times more than regular thread!
  • Entire suit is constructed using commercial satin stitching, no straight stitching on any part of the suit. This is a more costly and time consuming process, but performance and durability are our first priority
  • Features more thread than any other suit in the lifting world. Every suit uses an average of 8,448cm per suit. That’s 3,326 inches or 277 feet of thread. Nearly the length of an American football field! Over the course of a production year that really adds up. In 2008, Titan used over 6,000,000 yards of thread. That’s over 3,400 miles!
  • Takes up to 6 times longer to construct than a conventional pattern suit…a devotion to craftsmanship, not mass production.
  • Backed by the most outrageous product performance guarantee in the business: 2 year on blowouts and 1 1/2 years on runners!
  • Used by the majority of champions in international competitions worldwide

Used by some of the greatest squatters in history such as Jaroslaw Olech,
Vladimir Bondarenko, Ravil Kazakov, Maxim Barkhatov, Sergiy Fedesienko, Ivan
Freydun, Daisuke Midote, Andrey Tarasenko, Andrey Belyaev, Konstantin Pavlov,
Tsung-Ting Hsieh, Peter Theuser, Ove Lehto, Jari Martikainen.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62


Black, Black Body / Red Sides, Red, Royal Blue

6 reviews for Titan Centurion Squat Suit Wide

  1. Joe Cummings

    Called to obtain appropriate size. Employee was extremely knowledgeable and very customer oriented. Received the suit in time for her first meet. She improved by about 20 lbs on squat and placed 2nd in the weight class. Looking forward to a great season and hopefully being a state qualifier. Will definitely recommend your place of business in the future. Thank you again.

  2. Emilee Lara

  3. William Beck

    Excellent suit

  4. Joseph Walden

  5. Jerry Peterson

    Very fast turn around! Other site said 6-8 weeks! Got it here and it was at my house in 4 days! Whaat?! Thank you for your speedy delivery.

  6. Sam C.

    After ordering a Spartan Squat suit, I realized it wouldn’t work for me as I squat with a very wide stance. I called (phone answered on the 2nd ring), we discussed, and I ordered a Centurion “wide stance”. I also requested 4.5″ removed from straps (I have a short upper torso). Same day they dropped it to the tailor, and within 2 days they mailed out to me. Total time from call to new customized suit to me was 5 biz days (and no rush charge). They also promptly credited me for the Spartan suit I returned. I am very satisfied with the Centurion suit, and VERY IMPRESSED with Anderson Powerlifting’s customer service!!!

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