Squat Life Ammonia Salts

Squat Life Ammonia Salts

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Ammonia smelling salts

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Ammonia smelling salts

These are potent smelling salts for powerlifters and strength athletes. The use of strong-smelling substances to increase breathing and heart rate, causing a momentary boost in strength, is a long standing tradition at weightlifting competitions – whether it’s a menthol rub, smelling salts or ammonia inhalants, powerlifting attempts often begin with a powerful scent. These ammonia inhalants are also useful for reviving athletes who faint or are knocked out in competitions, and are recommended for the treatment of fainting.

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15 reviews for Squat Life Ammonia Salts

  1. Grant Ogaard

  2. Adam drayer

    These salts are real.

  3. Rick Krenzke

  4. Gabriel Klar

  5. VLX

    I initially inhaled with the bottle a little farther from my face to get the feel of it. At the first breath I felt the gentle touch of Jesus on my left shoulder, and the firm but clasp of Muhammad on my right.I inhaled deeper, the sharp burn of my nostrils resonated down my spine. Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu appeared behind me. Zeus appeared before me and commanded me to pull. I pulled – with all my might. I pulled so hard that the world left me; my surroundings darkened and though I suffered no offense my hearing left me as well.pulled. And as my hips shot forward, locking out my deadlift the All Father Odin appeared before me. DOWN he yelled and so down I sent the bar, crashing back into the floor with the control of Atlas who holds the world upon his back. As I rose the world began to return to me as the sounds and sights of the gym around me exposed itself from the darkness. Great product.

  6. Nick Myatt

    Gave me the boost I needed for the platform.

  7. Adan Ramirez

  8. Anonymous

  9. Carl Shelton

    Exactly dialed in on this product, hits the CNS just right for big lifts! Exploded my deadlift after a good whiff of it.

  10. Brandon Gagnard

    Does what you need in a strong way very potent.

  11. Sherman Curry

  12. Emma Hogan

  13. Matthew J Dembosky Matthew J Dembosky

    I’ve had two different smelling salts before this one, and I may have screwed myself by getting really strong ones, but I feel like I have to stick my nose in the bottle to get the “fight or flight” type of rush and alertness with these ones.

  14. Anthony Caylor

  15. Preston Walls (verified owner)

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