KLA Kuffs – Heavy Pair

KLA Kuffs – Heavy Pair

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Alleviate tendonitis pain


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KLA Kuffs provide compression to help minimize elbow, bicep or joint pain

  • Ideal to help alleviate tendonitis.
  • The heavy kuff provides maximum support. Uses KLA 2000 material.
    • For lighter, more flexible material, try the light Kuff.
  • Sold as a pair.

Sizing for KLA Kuffs

  1. Measure your arm circumference where you plan to wear them (upper forearm, elbow, lower bicep)
  2. Subtract 1″. That will be the size you need.
  • If your measurement is between whole number to just under .5″, we recommend dropping to the smaller size.
  • If your measurement is .5″ or above, move up to the next size.

Additional information

Weight N/A

XS – 8", S – 9", M – 10", L – 11", XL – 12", 2XL – 13", 3XL – 14"

10 reviews for KLA Kuffs – Heavy Pair

  1. Chris Tanner

  2. Zach Miller

    Superb cuff for nagging tendinitis, great to use on all three lifts and accessories.

  3. Tabor Kittredge

    Would have 5 stars for sure but the size seems to be 2 whole sizes off. Had to return them and get the 11 inch kuffs even though I measure 13 1/4. Excellent material just a little stretch they feel very strong like they’ll last forever just the sizing is off a couple inches.

  4. Ynoel Lopez

    After a few years of squatting and benching 2-3 a week, elbows have taken a toll. These have helped so much with the discomfort I get from heavy lifts on my elbows.

  5. Chris C

    Been experiencing severe tendonitis for the last couple months. These “Kuffs” have been great in assisting with the ease of pain during log clean and press. The cleans are so much more bearable with these.

  6. Anonymous

    Wasn’t sure what size to get, so I emailed customer service and got a prompt reply. Cuffs Ork well on the forearm and reduce tendonitis, at least for me. Good value and prompt shipping. Great as always.

  7. Michael Potter

    I was hoping I did the measurements correctly and that they would fit and offer enough compression and as it turns out they’re perfect. These are made well and are sized correctly.

  8. gabe wells

    These are a life saver with my tendinitis, probably gonna grab a few more pair because I tend to misplace things lol Thx again Anderson and April for pointing me in the right direction

  9. william campbell

  10. Preston Walls

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