KLA 4000 Double Super Heavy Plus Wrist Wraps 36″

KLA 4000 Double Super Heavy Plus Wrist Wraps 36″

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KLA 4000 – Double Super Heavy PLUS Wrist Wraps – 36″ – Green KLA 4000 wraps are the strongest KLA wraps available.

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19 reviews for KLA 4000 Double Super Heavy Plus Wrist Wraps 36″

  1. jimmy kolb

    these are the strongest and longest lasting wraps ive ever used. nothing works better for me when training with weights from 900-1100 on bench. i recomend these to every serious powerlifter or bench specialist for long lasting, super strong wrist support. thank you ken anderson!

  2. Greg Alvarado

    I really like the cast like feel I get from the wraps! I recommend these to anyone wanting a tight wrap that secures the wrist! Thanks again Ken!!

  3. Edward Leonhard

    I love them, very firm. I also liked the way your company let me sign up for an email when these were back in stock. It saved me from having to check online daily. I could’ve used the 24″ but for the minimal price difference I went with the 36″. Again, very happy and will be ordering more stuff in the future.

  4. Mark Millon

    Excellent wraps

  5. Melvin Ridge

    Easy to navigate the site! The wraps are awesome! Second time buying them after leaving the first pair at the gym. Ken is a great guy! Met him at an expo a few years ago when I purchased the wrist wraps. Received them quicker than expected. I’ll be purchasing another belt soon as I left one at the gym as well.

  6. jason figg

    Great customer service and from time I ordered the product to the time I received the product was very quick.

  7. Erik Lewis

    I was recommended these wraps by one of the best powerlifter’s in the game Robert Wilkerson. I have tried a lot of wraps and I have to say these are by far the strongest wraps I have used so far. These wraps lock my wrist in and by doing so I am able to fully engage my triceps. Thank you for making one of the better wraps out there.

  8. Jim Munden

    They are great

  9. Tourostrengthtraining

    Great wraps, my previous wraps were also Anderson powerlifting, I’m not sure of the exact material, but also very stiff and I loved them and knew I’d love these also. Wore my previous ones for several years before the velcro finally wore out. For the stiffness, you can’t beat the price!! Similar wraps are more than double the price.

  10. Zach Miller

    Fantastic heavy wrap and great customer service.

  11. Henry Bruno

  12. Wayne Wright

    I would give them 5 stars, but I haven’t used them yet. I tried them on and they felt like they locked my wrist in place better than my other brand.

  13. Noelia Corona-Terry

    I have always bought from Anderson and have ALWAYS had excellent costomer. I usually buy from Kevin when I can and he is always willing to give excellent advise on products. Ordering online, delivery of my purchase was prompt and on time.

  14. Josh Isaac

  15. Daniel Everhart

    Best wrist wraps I’ve ever used thickest an most supportive

  16. William

    I tried them out the day after I received them. I used them for 4 sets of bench. After the workout, I noticed that some threading was coming loose within the band itself. I did like the extra length and thickness of the wrap, but the build quality left me wanting more. I contacted Anderson and was told I would be receiving a new pair at no charge.

  17. aaron palmer

    alot of support. great quality straps.

  18. Robert Rodriguez

    The KLA 4000 are awesome. They are really stiff and the material is twice the thickness as my old wraps. My right wrist bends during heavy lifts. The 4000 keeps my wrists from bending back and I am confident during my lifts. I’m 65 years old at 200 lbs with a 245 lb bench pr. I’ll be going for a new pr soon using the new wraps.

  19. Alan Renshaw (verified owner)

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