KLA 4000 Double Super Heavy Plus Wrist Wraps 24″

KLA 4000 Double Super Heavy Plus Wrist Wraps 24″

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KLA 4000 – Double Super Heavy PLUS Wrist Wraps – 24″ – Green KLA 4000 wraps are the strongest KLA wraps available.

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11 reviews for KLA 4000 Double Super Heavy Plus Wrist Wraps 24″

  1. Zach Miller

    Fantastic heavy wrap, use 24” for squat and deadlift.

  2. Scott Steger

    My son said the wraps made a big deference in his bench performance.

  3. Ryan A.

    These make a huge impact in benching the heavy weight. Solid purchase. Thank you guys!

  4. Mike

    I was in need of some new wrist wraps because the ones that I had were already starting to fall a part (stitching that held the Velcro in place) after having them for only a few months. The ones that I had were a well known brand (starts with the letter “S”). I originally planned on purchasing Gangsta Wraps. After doing a search online and watching a YouTube video of a comparison between Anderson Wraps and Gangsta Wraps which showed just how much better quality these were and for half the price I figured they were worth giving them a try. Within 2 days of placing my order they were already in my mailbox, the turn around time was unbelievable.

    Pros: Delivery time (had them within 2 days of placing my
    Thickness/firmness of the wraps.

    Cons: NONE..

  5. thomas black

    The wrist wraps were great, tried then for the first time last night and had a great bench workout. Fast shipping too, great company, and will be ordering from them in the near future.

  6. DeWayne Burford

    Very strong wraps Velcro is solid fast becoming my favorite wraps

  7. Anthony Rodriguez

    Thus far best wraps! Stretchy and stiff enough the way i likeit

  8. gabe wells

    Super stiff and a secure wrap, can’t wait to try them on my heavy days! Fast shipping as well, Thx!

  9. Chris Stover

    Great wrist wraps. Very stiff! I would recommend!

  10. Jonathan taylor

    very stiff if that’s what you’re looking for

  11. Jack MacDonald (verified owner)

    Always the best service and the product can’t be beat

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