KLA 3000 Wrist Wraps – 24″ – Maroon

KLA 3000 Wrist Wraps – 24″ – Maroon

(8 customer reviews)

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Anderson Powerlifting Double Super Heavy – Recommended for Cast Like Support

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8 reviews for KLA 3000 Wrist Wraps – 24″ – Maroon

  1. Jim Munden

    Wrist straps Great

  2. Paul Bueltmann

  3. Jacob Dufford

    Honestly more than I expected for the price. We’ll see how they hold up. Small amounts of fraying started already. Nothing much, but time will tell. Still, pretty awesome for the price.

  4. Louis Diaz

    One of the best investments for working out cheap and super helpful good quality

  5. Jeff Shellenberger

    I ordered the Anderson Powerlifting brand 24” wrist wraps. I took them out and threw them in my gym bag. After I wrapped them around my chalk covered hands I realized I’d been sent one 12” wrap and one 24” wrap.
    I realize I cannot return them already used and without original packaging but I’m pretty disappointed.

  6. william campbell (verified owner)

    Strong and tight!Great wraps!

  7. Shawn Bellon

    Nice wrap that is firm like I need. Velcro is pretty legit and can grate a 2*4!

  8. shaun anderson

    Very thick and sturdy. love them. wasn’t sure what I was going to get, ordered them after doing some research on wraps. found a solid review on YouTube comparing these to other wraps. I have to admit am not disappointed. I also have to admit I wanted them because they have the Anderson Logo, and my last name happens to be Anderson so that was a bonus. But When I got them I was pleasantly supervised on the sturdiness, and support they provided for going heavy. I had some Nordic wraps previously which I liked but wish they were thicker and stronger, I think Anderson has a new customer on their hands. I like these a lot more.

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