GTFO – Get The Funk Out – Odor Eliminator

GTFO – Get The Funk Out – Odor Eliminator

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Odor Eliminator Spray

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GTFO – Get The Funk Out Odor Eliminator Spray was designed to eliminate all phases of odor instead of masking it.
Use it alone or as a pre-wash to our Neoprene Sleeve Shampoo.
May be used on any washable surface.
Sold exclusively at Anderson Powerlifting.

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10 reviews for GTFO – Get The Funk Out – Odor Eliminator

  1. Christina Share

    I hope this stuff works. I have high hopes

  2. Jose Torres

  3. murril kern jr

  4. Steve Fergen

  5. Jacob Dearth

  6. Carter Vincensse

    Stuff works great and I desperately needed something to clean my knee sleeves and elbow sleeves that wouldn’t ruin the material

  7. L T

  8. Gerry Heng

    Cleans up neoprene sleeves well.

  9. Daniel Peters

    Helped remove the smell from my SBD knee sleeves. Also removed the smell from a cooler I own – one can use the GTFO on any item that’s washable, evidently.

    Super fast shipping.

  10. Sean Tivald

    Great stuff, not only for your gym gear. I spray my work boots too.

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