Bare Grip Liquid Chalk

Bare Grip Liquid Chalk

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A real chalk, not a synthetic blend.

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This is chalk developed by lifters for lifters. The first of it’s kind to be approved for use in competition.
Ideal for powerlifting, weightlifting, kettlebell, crossfit. Kills bacteria and leaves palms smelling fresh. Easy to apply. Just rub into palms like lotion and let dry.

Usage Suggetion:
A dime-sized amount will last you a complete session unless you wash it off. And you can always apply a larger amount if you want a heavier chalk coat. Our gym bag sized bottle will last you over 2 months of training around 3-4 lifting sessions a week!

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6 reviews for Bare Grip Liquid Chalk

  1. Steven Martin

    The USPS didn’t deliver the order on time. They said something was blocking the mail box the first day, which I believe is not true. They delivered it a day late.

  2. Joseph Netzer

  3. Anthony Hambric

  4. Bartolomeo Panella

    Excellent product and very fast shipping. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

  5. Clint Morton

    The product is perfectly fine, no issues. I’m just a picky person and nothing replaces the feel of real old-school chalk.

  6. William Green

    First time using chalk, i workout in my basement and didnt want a chalky mess all over. A little dab will do. It works

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