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Anthony Hobaica is currently ranked #2 on the All Time list in the 82.5kg/181lb weight class and #7 All Time in totals ever recorded under 90kg/198lbs. Anthony is one of only two men to accomplish the feat of a 1900+ pound total in the 181 class. Anthony is relentless in his pursuits, known for his persistence and dedication, and trains with one goal in mind: to be the first 181 in history to total 2000 lbs raw.

Originally from Utica, NY, Anthony trains out of Hell Barbell with his wife, international-elite 148lb lifter (also #2 all-time on the women’s list) Eva Dunbar. His passion for strength and conditioning began at a very young age. A three-sport athlete as he came up in high school, Anthony was often overlooked because of his height and 'skinny' build. Refusing to be defined any differently, Hobaica excelled on the gridiron. At only 5'5" 185lbs, he became a standout running back at DIII powerhouse Hobart College, helping lead the Statesman to three Liberty League championships while earning All-ESPN honors for both for his performance on the field and academically. The worst thing you can do is count this guy out-- in Rocky Balboa-like fashion he just keeps punching no matter how hard he is knocked down.