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I started powerlifting competitively in 2007. I set my first all time
record in a raw squat with 470@ 148 breaking the previous record by
68lbs. I have set 9 all time historical world records in both raw and
equipped over my career, some of them were my own. I currently hold 3.
Raw and equipped squats at 148, equipped total at 148. Ken Anderson sent
me my first single ply Katana bench shirt in the end of 2010. I went on
to set a couple of single ply records in the USPA and the USPF, the
deadlift still stands. I was very committed to showing Ken my
appreciation by doing well and he soon told me that he would like to
provide me with anything I needed for my lifting. Ken Anderson has been
such a wonderful help in my lifting career. Personally for his belief in
my ability to rise to the challenges, tangibly in all my equipment needs
and much more in his friendship and loyalty. I owe him more than I could
ever bring to a platform. I own Hercules Gym, in Syracuse, NY which
houses some of the top lifters in the country. I coach powerlifting in
all forms, do seminars and classes, and actively promote powerlifting
both equipped and raw but most specifically equipped and women
especially. I am a proud distributor of Anderson Powerlifting products
including the SBD line. I plan to continue powerlifting both raw and
equipped and rank out in different weight classes. I am also trying out
the sport of bodybuilding and am going to see if I can bring an element
of need for Anderson products in that world as well. Rheta West