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SHW 220lbs (ish)
Competing since 2003
Multi-time Red Brick BP best lifter
2007 NY strongman women hw 1st
2007 NAS Strongwoman national 3rd
2008 Pittsburgh Strong woman 1st
2009 Bradford Day at the Beach strongman 1st place
2014 Mr. Olympia BP best lifter
2016 IPA Nationals 1st SHW
Best contest Lifts
Squat 585 multiply
Bench 505 single ply
Deadlift 450 multiply 402 single ply
Total 1520

Rae-Ann Miller is a 41-year-old mother of 2; Kylie 16 and Tyler (passed away at 14).
She is a Customs Broker from Barker, NY, married to Jeff and has been competing since 2003.