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Jimmy (King) Kolb Breaks 900lb Barrier

Saturday March 25th Jimmy Kolb pressed 903lbs and as of now is the strongest lb for lb drug free single ply bench presser on the planet. 

Jimmy's road to this lift was long and hard with many obstacle's to over come. But as with most things this man does he walked in fearless, oblivious to his surroundings and conquered the weight as no one man has done before. Approaching the bar in a state of mind a normal human couldn't fathom, Jimmy setup and completed the lift with an ease that had the rest of the lifting world in awe. So all you doubters and neigh Sayers out there watch out because the King just claimed his throne and does not plan on stepping down. King Kolb is now in route to attempt a single ply 1000 in the not so distant future. 

Jimmy solidified the events of this day in his mind by proposing to his beloved Kate. Which of course she said yes. Jimmy I know would also like to thank Ken Anderson for all the support and for believing in him and providing the industry's best gear. Tracy for taking time to attend him no matter how far away, and the Blackstone crew for supporting his training and providing an unmatched hardcore environment.

Article by Wade (Butch) Butcher

butchsbarbell.com | Ironworx gym/ Team Darksyde Ironwear | Ohio APF Co/Chairman

Road to a Grand, by Adrian Larsen

I started lifting at a young age. But what really got the fire going was in 7th grade. I had to have a surgery on my right leg. I was born with problems with my ankles and hips. At first doctors said I would never walk. Of course once I started to walk then I was told I would never run. After my first basketball game the doctors quit telling me what I couldn’t do. Back to 7th grade, so I was in a cast and wheel chair. I could not participate in P.E. class. The school I went to had weight training / gymnastics. I was enrolled into weight training 3 days a week in replace of P.E. My first day a fellow student dared me to go as heavy as I could on the smith machine bench press. I didn’t do anything impressive. But the teacher saw my one rep max. Later, after the class he pulled me aside and told me if I ever do something so stupid like a one rep max I would be kicked out of his class. He explained to me theirs no benefit to lifting to your one rep max. He also made it clear what I was doing wasn’t impressive and I would never lift as much as him. This is coming from an overweight teacher that couldn’t bench his bodyweight. But at the time he was around 265lbs bench. This was a lot for us 7th grade kids.

I went home that night and talked to my parents about what had happened. This is where I got the best advice I have ever received. My parents told me to just go to class and train as hard as you can. I went to every class and kicked my butt everyday. About three quarters of the way through the year I was noticeable stronger and in better shape. At this point I was out of the wheel chair and beginning to walk on my own again. I waited for the teacher to leave the gym and I set the smith machine up to 275lbs. I laid down and repped it out for a double. Everyone was impressed. Of course once the teacher returned someone told on me. The teacher didn’t believe the rumors and dared me to try and out bench him. After I doubled 275lbs again there never was a question I would always be stronger than him. The rest of my 7th and 8th grade years he spent time looking over my workouts and helping me get stronger.

When I started High School I met Joaquin Diaz Deleon who mentored me into powerlifting. He helped me build my bench up to 440lbs in high school, breaking just about every teenage record available. Including my high school bench press record. Learning different styles and training methods has really helped increase my bench to date. Now I am close to breaking 800lbs in single ply Titan gear, while on my Road to a GRAND.

The KATANA Curve by Wade Butcher

My first experience with the super KATANA was wearing a bone stock size 52. In the past having been a denim lifter this was actually quite the change. Some things I noticed immediately and some things it took a while to learn.

Immediately upon receipt of the new shirt I was skeptical that it would perform as well as I would like. Of course I was to my surprise greatly mistaken. The first few break in sessions were as to be expected very ruff I was really not used to the support and could not get the bar to touch (This is a single ply I should not be having trouble). But by the third session in things started working out and posted a number just 60lbs less than my best double ply lift with ease. I am now within 10 lbs of my best double ply using my third purchased and slightly modified single ply KATANA. This shirt has greatly improved my single ply bench and being so close to my best double is unbelievable to me. My current best in contest double was 620 best in training single ply is now 610 (Which I will be attempting at the IRONWORX Battle of thebench December 11th 2011). I would like to touch on some of the advice and things I have learned about using the TITAN SUPER KATANA.

1) This is not a shirt you can just throw on and post big numbers it takes time to learn the ins and out of this gear and you need to take the time without getting discouraged. Listen to everything anyone who has experience in this gear has to say and try to implement the advice they give into your training. Trial and error is the way to succeed in the Katana.

2) I was lucky and had a few lifters in my corner who knew this shirt well. John Elick and the Ironworx crew along with Jimmy Kolbwere essential to my success in the shirt. I have taken the best from both and thrown it together to help me achieve what I have thus far in the shirt. a) John pounded in my head the best way to setup for this shirt. I need to stay tighter and more rigid and really concentrate on hitting the groove the same every time especially when jacking the shirt (people tend to want to lower the groove which defeats the jack pull through the bubble achieve more pop)

b) While watching Jimmy compete last year I noticed he could make most anything touch and it almost looked as if he was relaxing totally at the bottom of the lift. And then as Jimmy does on command the bar slams back to the start position. Ok now I am going to get an answer to one of the problems I am having in learning the shirt (Getting it to hit the same spot while jacked). So I picked Jimmy’s brain and found that his technique was to let the shirt settle its self do not move from the target and allow the shirt to settle in the last little bit by relaxing. SO what he is saying is pull until you get as low as you can then relax and let the shirt settle then explode up on command. Ha easier said than done it took me quite some time and more than a few failures to get this to work for me but now as I said I am within ten pounds of my best double ply lift. I could go on all day covering techniques and advice I have been given but I wont. I will however give my opinion on the shirt. In my opinion the Super Katana is a game changer this is by far the most durable shirt I have ever worn. I have seen many advances in my years competing and have always taken the ploy hype with a grain of salt. The Katana is now the dominate shirt worn by Butch’s Barbell and Team Darksyde Ironwear and I am sure this will continue until the next Titan comes along. Oh and I cannot wait to try a double ply should be interesting!

            Wade Butcher
            APF Ohio CO/Chairman
            Butch’s Barbell/Team Darksyde Ironwear
            Columbus Ohio

What this sport means to me!

Article by Wade Butcher

Some of you know me and some of you may not anyway my name is Wade Butcher. I am the Owner of Butch’s Barbell team located in Columbus Ohio. I am also a proud member of Jon Elick’s Team Darksyde Ironwear located in Circleville Ohio at Ironworx gym. I have been involved in this sport off and on for 24 years. I hold no World records no National records and have a time holding onto my state records. I have never posted an elite total although I am trying hard again to achieve this (now that a long time injury is no longer a threat). I am however very dedicated and hold my team to high standards. To tell you the truth I do not care how strong they are if they put their best foot forward and lift to the peak of their ability every time I am satisfied. I expect them to lift with integrity and to show respect to everyone who dares to approach the stage.

I was twelve years old when I was introduced to the sport and was immediately hooked entering my first competition later that year. I noticed immediately how helpful and respectful the other competitors are yet so intense at the same time. This Brotherhood that we live for is one thing I know in my heart I can always depend on. The training is sick and painful at best but we love it. WHY? Because it defines us it allows us to break away from the reality of our world for a short time. I know that the friends I have made in this sport are some of the most dedicated and supportive individuals I have ever met. As a matter of fact these friends are some of the best friends I have ever had long distance or not I know I can depend on them and they can me.

This sport has made me who I am today and means more to me than even I will probably ever know myself. From the excitement of the competition to the long training sessions, the success, the failures, the friends I have made to the brothers we have all lost. This is my life and I live it to please myself and my family and my brothers. I am proud to be a member of the (STRONGEST) brotherhood in the world.

Wade (Butch) Butcher
Butch’s Barbell/Team Darksyde Ironwear
Ohio APF Co/Chair

Jimmy Kolb Road to 900

Written by
Wade ButcherButch’s Barbell / Team Darksyde Ironwear
APF Ohio State Co/chair

1st 600 Bench - June '09, NASA National, single ply teen 220

700 Bench - Oct '09, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220

740 Bench- Feb '10, APF Ohio Cup, multi-ply teen 220

800 Bench - Oct '10, Big Dog Classic, multi-ply teen 220

810 Bench - Feb '11, APF Ohio Cup, teen 220, in full power meet 2,410 total

821 Bench - May '11, WABDL Hall of Fame Meet, 20 yr old 222

840 Bench - Sept '11, UPA Ohio Great Lakes Championship, single ply, 21 yr old 227

On an old Country road hidden from site in eastern Ohio off of state route 751 is a gym that is a conduit for theproduction of power, a safe haven for the freaks and monsters that roam the streets of Ohio, A destination ofpain and suffering, blood and sweat. A home to one of the strongest men to ever walk the face of the Earth.Welcome to Blackstones gym!One of the keys to this gyms success is the experience and expertise of all those associated with the blackstonespower team. I would like to focus on one lifter specifically who has made leaps and bounds training at this facility.Jimmy (the King) Kolb:Jimmy is one of those young men who is visually intimidating as you would expect from a 20 year old lifterwho currently holds 7 World records and many National and State records.Jimmy began his journey as a competitive lifter his junior year in high school working under the instruction ofAdam (Phenom) Hicks. And in the last 3 years has already began a legacy of competitive lifting that can donothing but move forward.

Jimmy has a level of focus determination and dedication that most lifters striveto achieve. I personally know Jimmy and have to say he is not only one of the most impressive lifters on theplatform he lifts with respect and integrity accepts things as they are and puts it all out there every time.He is currently Training under the instruction of John Blackstone and the rest of Blackstones power team.With extreme focus on improving all his competitive lifts. His primary focus being at this time achieving a900lb drug free single ply bench press. And again as impressive as this is I am most impressed with theunending gratitude professionalism and respect that Jimmy shows to all that are at attendance in the competitions. The team at Blackstones is built around dedication support and deep seeded friendships. This is a remarkable gym that houses a remarkable team and has left its impression of solidarity and sportsmanship with anyonewho has dared to compete there. So if your in the neighborhood swing by and expect to get welcomed in withopen arms and prepare to experience the madness that is Blackstones Gym.NOTE: Jimmy (King) Kolb currently holds world records in the Federations listed below


Contact Blackstones gym @ 1-740-502-4964 | blackstonesgym@yahoo.com