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SBD knee sleeves are the best selling neoprene knee sleeve for competition & general training.
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sbd knee sleeves: powerlifting knee sleeves; crossfit; strongman SBD Knee Sleeves - Pair

While not as essential as the lifting belt, knee sleeves are still a crucial part of the workout and competition gear for any serious weightlifter.  SBD knee sleeves keep your knee joints and muscles warmed up, and the compression provided by a knee sleeve also gives added stability, preventing overextension and overflexion of the knee in heavy exercises.  Unlike the lighter sleeves used in CrossFit and other sports, powerlifting knee sleeves are intentionally stiff and strong to provide additional protection and help you lift heavier weights with minimal pain. These neoprene knee sleeves fit tightly, so make sure to measure both your calf and knee, and use the larger of the two sizes when selecting your SBD knee sleeve.

Our Price: $82.50