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Titan Power Wash
Titan Power Wash

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It's Back!!
For years, we have been asked how suits and shirts should be cleaned. Truth is many lifters would not even wash
their gear for fear that washing would do more harm than good.
After eighteen years, the solution is finally here. Our research resulted in the discovery of a patented formula that 
bonds to any synthetic fiber to help strengthen and add body. After contacting the patent holder and manufacturer,
 a highly concentrated formula was developed specifically for Titan. No other version is close to the strength 
offered by Titan Power Wash.
Titan Power Wash cleans by removing contaminants, amino acids and salts that result from body perspiration 
which can break down fibers and the strength integrity of fabrics. Moreover, it reduces the likelihood of runs.


This is not a fabric stiffener!

Stiffeners do exactly what they say they do, stiffen. They only limit the amount of stretch but do not actually strengthen the fabric. They in no way enhance or improve the properties of the fabric itself. That is where Titan Power Wash is unique. And to top it all off, after explaining what we intended to use this product for, the patent holder came through with a stronger, more concentrated version of the original formula. So soak your suits, shirts and wraps in Titan Power Wash or throw them in the washer. Either way, Titan Power Wash will help give your gear more power, more performance and more life.

Considering that this is a cutting edge product and is the first of its kind in our sport, we can see how some people might be skeptical. So here is the lowdown. TPW is not a snake oil concoction. It is a patented formula that works in a very scientific way. To understand it, let's look at the overall picture and then the science of it point by point.

1. Athletes need to be aware that 99.9% of all sports performance fabrics are synthetic. Science has developed many different ways of creating synthetic fibers. Some fibers are designed for increased strength and endurance, some are specifically designed to wick moisture, others are coiled to improve stretch characteristics and then others are even treated with formulas to create certain properties such as waterproofing or color fastness.

Given the above, lifters should understand that their suits and shirts, with the exception of denim and canvas, are all composed of synthetic fibers. Even wraps contain a degree of synthetic fibers.

2. Fact - Amino acids and salts from perspiration break down fibers. Worn coins get that way not so much from being worn down by friction but from being eaten away by amino acids and salt secreted from your body. Acids are what they say they are and salt can be one of the most corrosive forces in nature. Think about what it can do to your car. That's why valuables such as works of art or rare memorabilia are handled only when gloves are worn.

3. Once the first two principles are accepted, we can look at the science of TPW.

4. TPW is an aqueous polymer solution. More specifically, it is a resin polymer solution in emulsion. The scientific trick here, which has yet to be effectively duplicated by anyone but the patent holder, is to keep the resin polymer in solution. (Think of trying to keep mixed epoxy in a liquid state)! Starting to get the picture as to why TPW is unique? This is a proprietary secret that the patent holder keeps under wraps. (Can you blame him)? .

The chemist who invented this, created this resin polymer solution to bind to synthetic fibers (also known as polymers). This bond happens at the molecular level and results in a strengthening of the individual fibers themselves and then the fabric as a whole. Another way to look at this is to imagine TPW being similar to a hair conditioner that bonds to hair to repair breaks, split ends, etc. You've probably seen diagrams showing before and after. Same principle. And the bond is permament.

5. There are two ways to use TPW.

A. Sink Washing or Soaking - the first method uses your sink. First, rinse any chalk from your gear. Next, fill your sink with warm water and pour in two capfuls of TPW. Swirl the solution around to mix it and then allow the gear to soak. There is no need to rinse. The chemical properties of TPW will remove contaminants without rinsing. If you feel that you absolutely must rinse then do so with a solution of TPW. Immediate rinsing with regular water will wash off the solution before it gets a chance to set and bond properly. Remember, this is not like instant super glue. The polymer resins need time to set and dry. You can let it air dry or throw it in the dryer on a NO or LOW heat setting.

B. Machine washing - another option. However, more wash is recommended to achieve the same result due to the rinse cycle. The extra TPW helps compensate for the whole cycle including rinsing.

Recommended Method? Soak your gear. It is not only more effective but will give you more treatments per bottle as less TPW is required this way.

6. FAQ's

Q: Does it work?

Q: Wll it add to the amount of weight I can lift?
A: No

Q: Will it help strengthen the fabric in my suits, shirts and wraps?

Q: Can it prevent blowouts and runners?
A: The answer is it can help reduce the likelihood. Significantly more so than untreated fabric.

Q: Is this is a fabric stiffener?
A: No. Stiffening not only can significantly alter the properties of high-tech fabrics but can even be illegal in some federations.

Q: Will there be any noticeable difference in the fabric?
A: Yes. The fabric will have more body after it has been treated with TPW

Q: I've heard of similar products already. Why should I believe TPW is any different, better or worth buying instead?
A: No doubt there are other products within the same family on the market, even some from our manufacturer. Even Cheer has a new detergent that features a Liquifiber formula.

The difference is that this is a more concentrated formula, one that was made more potent specifically for serious athletics.

Before a single drop of TPW was formulated, mixed or bottled we made it clear to the manufacturer that TPW would be used to strengthen and clean supportive lifting gear subject to hundreds and hundreds of pounds of pressure. That resulted in the stronger, more potent TPW.

Now try brewing a batch.

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